Saturday, October 28, 2006

Did You Know Cargo is Canadian?

I read this Beautynomics write-up and I totally agree with them - this item is cool! Perhaps I am bias because CARGO is Canadian :)

Here is what Beautynomics said:

With the surge of new and innovative products for the vain and beautiful, one of the most sought after products right now are for those always on the go. With this, the Cargo Daily Gloss is simply hard to ignore. With celebrities such as the beautiful Jennifer Love Hewitt as avid fans of this brand, I am definitely convinced that this is one good brand ( Reviews, to come this week! )

Your 30-day supply of the famous Cargo lipgloss is packaged in “individual tear-away pouches”, and you get 10 “bubbles” for each shade, meaning you get three shades for that product Variant # 1 being the pinkish shades, and Variant # 2 being near the coral shades. ). Lips are well taken cared of with the ultra-moisturizers shea butter and vitamin-e, as the ingredients for the sheer gloss that provides long-lasting color.

I would definitely want this on my stressed days wherein I would just shove anything in my purse. There simply are days wherein you just want everything ready for you, and with that, this would be perfect! Hmm..I wonder what they were thinking when they came up with the packaging. Reminds me of the packaging used for medicine. But I gotta give it to them, since it took quite a wild imagination to interlink the beauty, and pharmaceutical industry! Haha!

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Blogger Kim said...

I simply could not live without my cargo products. I'm surprised you're just discovering them, they are fantastic!

2:03 a.m.  
Anonymous Beautynomics said...

Hey girl! :)

MAC is a Canadian brand too, right? My best bud's there in Richmond studying @ Kwantlen, and I'm making her hoard all the Canadian goodies ( makeup ) when she comes home for Christmas! :) My friend loves Cargo The Big Easy blush ;)

1:25 a.m.  

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