Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Here a Wrinkle There a Wrinkle

I was recently sent a tube of CoverToxTen50™ Wrinkle Therapy Concealer by Physicians Formula to try. I am starting to really get some deeper wrinkles around my eyes and have always had darker shadows under them so I was excited to try this product.

I was a bit skeptical about what it claimed:
10 minutes - Over 50% visible wrinkle reduction
10 hours - Up to 52% visible dark circle reduction
10 days - 77% visible dark circle reduction

Well the only way to prove or disprove this theory is to put it to the test! Here is my review of CoverToxTen.

I had to give it a good squeeze to get the product flowing through the brush, which of course I then squeezed too much out. Using my finger I spread a small amount under my eye and on my eyelid and gently blended as directed.

It felt very light and creamy and almost like a powder once it was blended. It did not gather in my lines or look obvious even after several hours.

There was barely a fragrance from the product which was great as it would have made my eyes water.

I could not believe it but it actually DID soften the lines under my eyes and the dark circles were definitely masked.

It has been a couple of weeks of using it daily and I guess it is making my circles look lighter in colour but I am not 100% sure. I guess I'll keep using and keep you posted.

Its a slim plastic tube almost like a long lipgloss. It has a screw on cap that protects a brush applicator.

Colours Comes in these shades:
Soft Yellow - this is the one I used
Fair Light
Natural Light
Medium Beige

I was checking out MakeupAlley and what they had to say and it seems that the fair light is really light and isn't that good. Soft yellow seems to be the biggest hit with users as it covers the dark circles and assists with the wrinkles.

I think for the price it is a great deal and if you don't like it, it's not the end of the world.

Cost: $8.95 USD or $14.79 CDN

Where to Buy: Walgreens, CVS, London Drugs, Walmart



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