Saturday, September 16, 2006

Died and Gone to Lipgloss Heaven

I honestly think I have died and gone to lipgloss heaven! Have you seen the Some Like it Hot lipgloss set from Tarte? It contains 10, yes 10 mini lipglosses in a black and purple lace patterned case. Three interchangable connector pieces are also included so that you can mix and match your glosses, snap ‘em on and go!

With great names like pep, cayenne, and zip, these glosses are in shades of playful pink and sheer flirty neutrals.

Hold on a minute! I forgot to tell you the news…they are all cinnamon flavoured! Each lipgloss in this little kit has a sizzle as well as a sparkle! My favourite one out of the lot is actually named Sizzle too!

Wear them alone, try two together, have fun and you know….some do like it hot! $28.oo USD



Anonymous samida said...

I am joining you in lip gloss heaven, because I am totally scrapping together some change to get this. Its one of those "Gotta Have It" items! Lovely!

1:50 a.m.  
Blogger karen, said...

[...] Lipstick, Powder n’ Paint shares a blast from the past on last year’s Tarte cosmetics[...]

11:48 a.m.  

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