Thursday, October 12, 2006


I always want to promote great Canadian companies and boy, have a got one for you today! The company is called Trillium.

Located in Creston, British Columbia, Trillium takes inspiration from it`s natural surroundings to bring us their outstanding collection of products that honour artisanal traditions. Creamy goat milk soap & milk bath, shea butter lip balm, Crème Fraîche and exquisite soy wax candles are what they have to offer.

Soy Candles
Trillium’s signature candles are receiving lots of press and is it suprising? These stylish vintage candles are made of pure soy wax which is natural, biodegradable and water-soluble, then mixing it with fragrances and essential oils imported from all over the world. The packaging is recyclable and reusable which is fantastic.

Creme Fraiche
Extra rich Crème Fraîche made from pure tropical shea and mango butters. To enhance their powerful moisturizing and antioxidant properties they have added aloe, vitamin C & E and a hint of rose water to refresh.

Goat Milk Soap
Hand made from a centuries old French technique of pure fresh goat milk, olive oil, pieces of fruit & loads of botanicals. Goat milk soap contains vitamins, minerals and lipoproteins that help seal in moisture when applied to the skin. Its silky mild lather pampers, smoothes and softens adult and baby skin alike.

Shea Butter Lip Balm
Shea butter is pressed from the seed of the exotic karite tree. It has vitamin A, E and cinnamic esters, which have antimicrobial, UV protection and moisturizing properties. It also helps reduce the appearance of scars.

For more information about their products and where to purchase go to:

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