Monday, October 09, 2006

Kiss Me

Don’t you sometimes wish that you could have been born in a different era? Sometimes I wish I had been a young lady in the 1940s. All those beautiful feminine clothes, fun hairstyles and of course perfectly made up faces – maybe I would have been a star!

Bésame Cosmetics is trying to return us all to the glamour days gone by with their exquisite line of cosmetics in packaging that embraces the sophisticated designs of the 1930s, '40s and Art Deco movement.

The Lipstick
This silky semi-matte finish lipstick comes in a decorative case that resembles a gold bullet. The Enchanting Lipstick is cleverly shaped with two blunt sides and two sharp edges - the sharp side is to line the lip and the blunt side to fill it in.

Bésame has replicated the exact shades used in the 40s by famous starlettes – Red Hot Red was a Munroe favorite. They can be used full strength or as a stain for a natural look.

I was impressed at the texture of the lipstick and how well it went onto my lips. It lasted throughuot my lunch and several cups of coffee.

The Powder
Their transluscent Feather Light Dusting Powder adds a finishing touch to keep your face looking fresh all day long. I have been using this wonderful powder on its own and over foundation and it has kept me shine free and smelling delicious - the powder is lightly scented with spiced vanilla – yummy!

The Rouge
Contained in the most beautiful little gold loonie-size mirrored case, the Boudoir Rouge is designed to be subtle and natural for a healthy, warm glow. I really liked the compact-style case and the tiny red satin puff was a nice touch. The product was subtle and did give me the radiance it promised.

Boudoir Rouge comes in four fabulous colours - Crimson, Raspberry, Sun Kissed and Sweet Pink.

What I also like was that Bésame offer samples of all their products for a very minimal charge. You’ll also get a $5.00 coupon off your purchase! How can you go wrong?



Anonymous renee said...

doesnt the tranlucent powder make you want to eat vanilla ice cream!?! i couldnt stop smelling the pot when i got one! haha
love, renee

6:18 p.m.  
Blogger Ellen said...

Yes I keep giving it a sniff!

7:24 p.m.  

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