Friday, September 15, 2006

A New Dimension of Wow!

Have you had the chance to try DuWop’s new product Browwow? This small but deadly kit is the item to have in your makeup bag when it comes to brow beautification.

This portable copper bronze compact comes with a colored brow powder, tinted finishing gloss, shimmer cream highlighter, mirror, and a double-ended brush. It’s hard to believe all this would fit into such a small package!

What I like about Browwow is that your brows look natural but...better, when using this kit.

I am the girl that over plucked her brows when she was a young teenager and never got them all back (sadly). By using a little of the powder in those sparse areas, I can give the illusion of a fuller brow and then I just smooth a little of the tinted pomade over my brow to keep those hairs in place. Adding the champagne highlighter to the brow bone with my finger makes my eyes pop! I have just added a new dimension of WOW! Thank you Duwop for creating this wonderful product!

Browwow comes in 2 shades lighter and darker – how easy is that?

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