Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tickled Pink

April Jacob has developed a new cosmetic line called Pink Beauty Cosmetics. This is a line you MUST take a peep at. With irresistibly feminine products such as Lip Scintillate Lip Gloss and Luscious Lip Sheer Lipstick, Pink Beauty Cosmetics empowers classic beauty with individual style.

This easy-to-wear line of enticing cosmetics includes pretty colours for lips, eyes and cheeks. Sophisticated, elegant and fun, these little pink packages are a must-have for every true glamour girl at heart!

Eye Splendour Shadow
Jewel-toned sensations created from high-pigmented colours blend satiny-smooth and leave eyes dazzling.
Available in five shades: Chi Chi, La-Di-Da, Primp, Belle, Trinket
$21.00 CDN $19.00 USD

Cream Radiance Rouge
Sheer radiant colour gives cheeks a rosy glow. Easy to use and can be layered for desired intensity.
Available in four shades: Captivate, Delight, Allure, Enchant
$23.00 CDN $19.00 USD

Lip Scintillate Lip Gloss
Shimmering soft colour in this high-shine lip gloss creates enticing lips. Can be worn alone or applied over Luscious Lip Sheer Lipstick for added glamour.
Available in five shades: Fabulah, Sashay, Glitz, Coy, Frilly
$21.00 CDN $18.00 USD

Go ahead... tickle yourself Pink!

Pink Beauty Cosmetics

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Blogger The Glamour Bee said...

Looks delicious, Ellen. I'll have to look for these and try them!

3:37 p.m.  

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