Saturday, October 21, 2006

Dessert Beauty - Get it while you can!

I have found a new lipgloss that I really like but it has recently been discontinued!

I went into Sephora yesterday and they had a couple of the Jessica Simpson Deliciously Kissable Plumping Lip Fragrance Gloss. I know it sounds really cheesy but it is actually a nice little gloss - and at only $5.00 USD how can you say no?! The one I bought is Slide - a peachy nude with gold shimmer. It smells good, feels light on the lips and has a fantastic shimmer to it.

I have heard that in Canada they can be found at Liquidation World of all places. Be careful where you get it as some places are charging way too much for this item. I found that is selling it for $18.00 USD.

I think I am going to buy some more and give them as stocking stuffers at Christmas!


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