Friday, October 20, 2006

Find Your Inner Balmshell

Jennifer and Fiona Lees from Toronto were in the search of the perfect lipgloss - aren't we all! They decided if they couldn't find it, they would develop their own. After years of working with a cosmetic manufacturer they developed a formula using only the finest ingredients to produce a high-shine, moisturizing lip-gloss.

What really caught my eye when I saw this product is the packaging. Balmshell has developed the most unique, creative packaging, I think I have ever seen. Each of the 10 glosses has its own floating art story inside - kind of like those pens you can get.

Sheer Hot Cherry Red ~ for those fabulous nights on the town!

Illustration description
This is a story of how a Balmshell prepares for a night out on the town. The story begins with a woman wrapped in her favorite plush terry cloth towel as she is getting ready for the big night. She then glides behind a changing screen and when she comes out, "Ta-Da!" she is effortlessly dressed and ready. She looks into the mirror and thinks to herself, "Darling you look fabulous!"

Each amusing story aims to celebrate the inner goddess that exists in all women.

When finished with your lip gloss unscrew the "float art" top and screw it into the keychain component provided in the packaging.

So far these delightful art glosses are only available in Canada and the UK but Balmshell will be opening their online store in the next little while so keep your eyes peeled.

$25.00 CDN
Available at Holt Renfrew


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