Friday, November 17, 2006

Besame - Delightful Rose

Delightful Rose Balance Moisturizing Lotion is from the Bésame line of face products. Packaged in a vintage style, easy dispensing tube, this cream is a blast from the past. Can’t you just picture a dame from the war era sitting at her deco dressing table smoothing this on her face and neck before bed? I can.
Delightful Rose contains as you might guess…rose extract, which is known for its skin soothing and aroma therapeutic benefits as well as aiding in exfoliation. This ingredient combined with natural botanical oils assist in promoting and maintaining soft, smooth, and youthful looking skin.

I am truly impressed by the bevy of oils, extracts and vitamins in this lotion. In addition, Delightful Rose is free of color additives, mineral oils and lanolin.

For more information on Delightful Rose Balance Moisturizing Lotion visit Bésame.


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