Monday, November 27, 2006

Deliciously Glossy Lip Toppings

Open Sundaes have just launched their newest product - Deliciously Glossy Lip Toppings. These hydrating glosses come in 10 fun flavors such as Vanilla Sundae, Cherry on Top and Candy Cane.

I went and tried the Sugar Plum Lip Topping last week and found it to be very smooth and creamy when I applied it. The colour was a lovely sheer purple and it shimmered like crazy. It lasted for a good many hours and never made my lips feel dry or tight. They come in an easy to squeeze plastic tube that is great for throwing in your purse! I would definitely recommend these glosses.

Deliciously Glossy Lip Toppings may be worn alone or over any lip product for more drama.

$13.00 CDN


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