Thursday, November 16, 2006

Save Face This Winter

I don't know about you, but the weather in British Columbia turned ugly recently. The temperature went down significantly and the wind and rain is taking a toll on my skin.

I have found that my skin which tends to be on the oily side is now feeling tight and is flaking a bit from a lack of moisture. It's time to battle the cold and save your skin! Here are some tips to maintain healthy skin this winter...

Drink up!
You know that you are supposed to drink approx 8 glasses of water a day. In the summer it's quite easy to stick to this but in the winter it tends to be forgotten or felt not as necessary. Skin tends to get dehydrated in the winter due to lack of water. Water will help you maintain a healthy, glowing skin.

Winter Facial
Start the new season with a facial. Starting with healthier, cleaner skin allows your winter skin-care routine to be more effective. See your aesthetician to disucss the best facial for you.

Its time for your to change your moisturizer. What you wear in the summer most likely will not be suitable for the winter. Go for a cream versus a lotion - cream does not need to mean greasy.

Dull, lacklustre skin is an unfortunate winter trademark. Caused by a buildup of dead skin regular exfoliation will give those dry, flaky cheeks a boost. Two to three times a week is a great way to ensure you're always showcasing your freshest, healthiest skin.

The sun's rays are always there, don't be fooled by the lack of sunshine and heat. Ensure that you apply your sunscreen everyday 30 mins before leaving home, to protect your skin.

Don't forget those lips. They need care and attention to stay smooth and soft when it's chilly outside. Keep your favourite lip balm close to you and apply often.

Take care this winter and look after yourself. Don't let Jack Frost cramp your style!


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