Tuesday, December 19, 2006

AVEDA Spring/Summer 2007

I know that it is still winter and we have not even got to Christmas, but I wanted to share with you the Aveda Spring/Summer cosmetic collection that will be coming out in February.

Aveda have developed three spring colour palettes that capture the beauty trends from New York's Fashion Week.

With citrus green for eyes, sugary pinks for cheeks and lips, Zen Blooms look is "fresh and flirty".

- Sundew/Watercress Triple Accent*—a soft, satin rose for lips and cheeks paired with a fresh, citrus lime for eyes.
- Jamberry Lip Glaze*—a sweet glaze of pastel berries.
- Plum Fresco Petal Essence Face Accent—shimmering fuchsia lit with gold.
- Moonstone Shimmer Accent—a liquid shimmer of pearlized pink.

This palette offers a tango of fiery bronzes.

- Coco Plum Lip Tint SPF 15*—a spicy hint of chocolate raspberry.
- Tangelo/Pantana Petal Essence Eye Color Duo*—a seductive duet of tropical salmon and rich cocoa.
- Moss Eye Definer—a deep, exotic, moss green.
- Papaye Lip Glaze*—a glaze of melted, golden copper.
- Bronze Patina Cheek Tint—a sun-drenched bronze glow.

Sheer watercolors of a Moroccan dawn. Moroccan Mist is about delicate colours that are a little bit mysterious.

- Waterlily/Seagrape Petal Essence Eye Color Duo*—sheer champagne pink paired with a hazy violet.
- Juneberry Lip Shine*—a delicate silk of pink mocha.
- Rose Swirl Lip Tint—desert gold swirled with mysterious plum-berry.
- Terrastone Shimmer Accent—a deep, bronzed glow.

* new shade

This collection as mentioned is to work hand in hand with the spring fashions. Have fun with the colours and make a statement.


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