Thursday, December 28, 2006

Prime Before You Paint

NARS have just launched their brand new Makeup Primer that has an SPF of 20 and PA++.

PA stands for protection grade of UVA (tanning, darkening, aging rays). The highest level of PA is +++, this means you will not get tanned or basically will not be exposed to 99% of the UVA, so PA+++ is saying: "you will not get tanned from this and if you wear it starting when you're young you won't get any UV-induced wrinkles".

This primer is similar to the original - it is the perfect canvas for long-wearing foundation with a natural appearance. It promises to hydrate and assist in easing the signs of inflammation and redness, whilst improving skin texture.

This primer can be worn under foundation, powder or alone. I will be popping over to Holt Renfrew to see if they have this item as I'd love to try it.

$33.00USD for 1.7 Fl. Oz. 50 mL

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