Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Recapture Youthful Radiance with Olay's Latest Body Wash

Olay recently launched the new Olay Body Wash plus Radiance Ribbons, the latest in the Olay Ribbons Body Wash line. This creamy green and white cleanser offers advanced moisturization and helps skin recapture a youthful glow in only five days.
How does it work? It contains glucosamine complex formulated with N-acetyl glucosamine and luminous brighteners. Interference pigments found in the formula help improve the skin's ability to reflect light for glowing, great looking skin.

I have been using this body wash for the last week and love the way my skin feels - soft, lubrcated and it does have a nice glow about it. I have used other Olay Ribbon body washes and I am fascinated at the dual stream "ribbon" technology and how those ribbons are so perfect in the tube. At only $5.99 CAD/$4.99 USD (10oz/295ml) you cannot go wrong with this product.

Available in drugstores nationally. For more information visit http://www.olay.ca/ or http://www.olay.com/

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've discovered that in body wash language, skin brighteners = glitter. But it *does* moisturize well! I can skip putting on lotion after my shower if I'm running short on time when I use the green Olay body wash.

3:49 p.m.  
Anonymous منتديات said...

I don’t try it to now
I think i should I do

9:49 a.m.  

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