Sunday, May 13, 2007

Guest Blogger Elke from The Beauty Newsletter

Hi, Elke here from The Beauty Newsletter, coming to you from New York. When Ellen asked that I help fill in for her while she’s off hopefully relaxing, I was honored! And since my world is all about makeup, well, I just had to let you know about a new lip gloss that I had the chance to play with. And let me just say, it’s intense!

Wow, Flirt cosmetics sure knows how to pack the color on. Found at the Kohl stores, I've been a fan of Flirt in the past. And this lip gloss is converting me again.

I used this on a photo shoot, and yes, I used the super bright shocking fuchsia color.
The color name? Mighty Aphrodite. And it packs a punch. (color shown below is different.)

foto: flirt

I used this in my photo shoot to create an extreme lip color. And it applied great, shiny, but the pigment is intense!! If felt almost like a super strong lipstick going on, but no, this is a lip gloss. It stayed on great, and the funniest part.. a few hours later, the shine was gone, but the pigment was still there, super strong and looked like a matte lipstick on. It didn't bleed or fade, or crack. It almost became another product. I've never seen that happen before.... ever. But note, that for their lighter colors, I didn't notice any of this.. it just faded in both shine and color. (I tried out the shiny light gold gloss on me and I had to keep reapplying constantly..)

But if you're looking for a super intense color packed lip gloss?
Check out Flirt's Squeeze Me Super Shiny Lip gloss.
Flirt Cosmetics

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