Friday, May 18, 2007

Guest Blogger TheMakeupGirl: Single Shadows...A Very Good Thing..

Hey lovelies! It's Lianne from TheMakeupGirl. I am here to help out Ellen while she moves..(good luck girl!!)

I love the idea of a single wash of color on eyelids. Especially with the warm weather coming up, the last thing you want is to look overly made up when the temperature soars!

Here are a few that I loove.

  • The Balm: Shady Lady Gorgeous shadows with finely milled pigments so the color lasts long. 11 look at me shades, my faves are Racy Kacy, Mischevious Marissa and Caught In The Act Courtney (love those names!)
  • NARS Cream Shadow If you are looking for something with a little more staying power. Go with a cream shadow. This one from NARS is a favorite of mine for that very reason. No creasing, and long lasting pure color. Comes in a mind boggling 22 different shades, my faves here are Grenada, Corfu and Nomad. But all of the shades are fun because there is a good balance between ones you can wear during the day vs. night.
  • Becca Jewel Dust For gorgeous all over shimmer, this shadow is the ticket. The best thing about this is that you can wear it alone, or layer it over another shadow for a little dimension. Grab Nissa, or Nyx...both are great for that very purpose.
Have a fantastic weekend!


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