Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Therative Respond to Reader Question

Last week I ran an article on the ThermaClear and then received a good question from a reader: "How does this differ from Zeno? Does anyone know? The FAQ on the Thermaclear website was less than helpful."

Well I decided to go straight to the source and asked Therative to comment. Here is what Ted Simon, Vice President of Marketing for Therative, the company who makes ThermaClear had to say:

“Sorry that our site didn’t provide the info you were seeking – tech gremlins were at work, and we had some technical difficulties. We’ve addressed those on our site, but let me answer your question here.

Let me first tell you how ThermaClear and Zeno are similar – both are hand-held acne treatment devices that use heat to treat existing pimples, or those that are about to form. Clinical studies have shown that the two products are equally effective at clearing pimples. Now here is how ThermaClear is different:

- Application time: ThermaClear is 75 times faster to use than Zeno. Each ThermaClear application takes two seconds per pimple while each Zeno application takes 2 ½ minutes per pimple.

- Convenience: Depending on the model, Zeno requires that you replace their product's treatment tip with as few as 60 applications (the device will shut down and become inoperable until the tip is replaced). ThermaClear has no such requirement, although we do recommend you replace your treatment tip one to two times a year (or, immediately should it become scratched or damaged).

- Overall cost: The Zeno device costs up to 33% more than ThermaClear, depending on the model and where you buy it (some Zeno’s cost up to $200). When you add in the cost of replacement tips for Zeno, ThermaClear is a much better value. Assuming just two treatments per day for a single pimple (Zeno’s recommended treatment regimen), the Zeno tip would need to be replaced monthly. At a replacement cost of $25-$35 per tip, the overall cost of owning Zeno goes up an additional $300 more per year, making it at least three times more expensive to own Zeno than ThermaClear.

In addition to the above differences between the two devices, ThermaClear also has a line of topical skin care and acne treatment products, ThermaClear Essentials, to accompany our device. These topicals serve to help treat and prevent acne while cleansing and nourishing your skin. Coupled with the ThermaClear acne treatment device, which serves as a spot treatment to help clear pimples AFTER they occur, it's a one-two punch that Zeno does not offer.

We would like to offer the readers of your blog a special. If they go to and type LIPSTICK25 at checkout, they will receive 25% off the purchase of a device till July 4th."

I hope that this answers your question.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! Talk about interactivity! I asked that question in my comment last week, you took the initiative to research and answer it perfectly...Just wanted to thank you for that. I love the Internet, I LOOOOOOVE your blog!

7:51 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are actually a few more differences that Therative does not mention. Zeno has a temperature of 118.5 F. Thermaclear has a temperature of 212 F. The two devices are NOT equally effective. Zeno's studies claim that "90% of blemishes treated with Zeno achieved resolution or improvement within 24 hours...". Thermaclear's studies claim that pimples "...resolved in less than half the time of pimples not treated with ThermaClear." Based on factual clinical trial information given on both websites, Zeno's 24 hours is a lot better resolution time than Thermaclear's cutting the life of the pimple in half.

I know this is accurate because I have used both products. Zeno's resolution time is much quicker (about 24 hours). I actually saw no difference whatsoever in the resolution time with Thermaclear. The heat of Zeno is also not so severely intense (Thermaclear was too intense for me--left a mark on my face for a several days too). Zeno is soothing. Thermaclear downright hurts! Moreover, the calculations of the Zeno tip use from Thermaclear are taken to the extreme, out of context, by someone who has obviously not used Zeno on a day to day basis. A 90 count Zeno tip will last about 6 months for a person with typical mild to moderate acne. This is because of the body's natural fluctuations in forming pimples and not every pimple requires 2 or 3 treatments (many are eliminated with 1 Zeno treatment). Zeno and Thermaclear both cost the same too, unless you want the higher end versions of Zeno (Thermaclear does not offer a higher end version). If you are going to do a true comparison, get your facts straight.

11:43 p.m.  

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