Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Don't Forget Your Cake

Oh I wish that I had known about this little package-o-goodies last week! I flew from Toronto to Vancouver on Sunday - but my luggage arrived on...Monday. Great!

This little super-duper travel kit is plane friendly and need not go into that suitcase you fear won't arrive at your destination (on the same day as you).

The Plane Friendly Travel Kit contains these delectable, almost edible items:

- Milk Made Velveteen Hand Creme
- Desserted Island Supremely Rich Bath and Shower Froth
- Desserted Island Supreme Body Mousse
- It’s A Slice Supremely Rich Bath and Shower Froth
- It’s A Slice Island Supreme Body Mousse

Plane Friendly Travel Kit available now Price: $25 CDN/$25 USD

Bon Voyage!



Blogger PR Princess in Training said...

Cutest travel kit EVER!

5:53 p.m.  

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