Monday, July 16, 2007

Keeping Your Pedicure Fresh This Summer

We are in the heart of a beautiful summer - wearing shorts, tanks and of course sandals. Those tootsies need to be looking spectacular at all times, so how do we do that? I asked Haley Phippard, FLOW Nail Spa owner and pedicure expert what her suggestions were:

"To keep your pedicure looking good, get a double sided, waterproof foot-file and keep it in the shower. Give your heels and calluses a quick once-over towards the end of your shower when your feet have been wet for a while.
Use a good moisturizer or foot cream and keep it by your night table (you're more likely to remember to put it on right before bed and it will have a long time to sink in).
Keep some clear polish handy. Applying a coat a day or two after your pedicure will extend the life of the polish. This is a MUST for a french pedicure (very popular this summer).
A good cuticle oil will take care of the dryness and cracks around the edges of the nail that show up quickly when toes are exposed in the hot summer months." Great suggestions Haley!

What colours are hot this summer? "Coral Reds and HOT HOT Pinks like China Glaze 'Go Crazy Red', 'Pink Voltage' and 'Caribbean Temptation' are going strong right now" says Haley.
I am personally loving Essie in Catwalk - very bold and bright! And also Maybelline's brand new Salon Expert polish in Strong Pink is looking pretty on my toes.

Flow is located at 753 Queen St. West, Toronto

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