Friday, August 03, 2007

Cult-Favourite Body Line Gets A Makeover

This month sees the re-launch of Victoria's Secret popular body care line, Secret Garden. It is so popular in fact that for every second a Victoria’s Secret store is open, approximately four Secret Garden products are sold. That's pretty amazing!
Victoria's Secret still have the true favourites like Love Spell, Amber Romance and Pure Seduction, and have added eight botanically based formulas to 'soften, smooth, and pamper from head to toe.'
I used to love these products when they first came out. I couldn't wait to go down to the States to buy a couple of the body lotions, that would keep me going until the next time I popped across the border. I have to admit I have not purchased a body lotion nor any other item from the original collection in many years - so I am excited to get myself to a store and test out these sassy new products.
Who was a Garden Collection (original name) fan? Raise your hand. Are you looking forward to trying the new collection or did you like the original line as it was? Do share.

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