Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Get the Look: Cat Eye

The Cat Eye is HOT this Fall. I decided to ask Melissa Gibson, Sr. Artist, MAC Pro Team, to walk us through how to create this look.

To create the perfect cat eye, you first want to decide if you wish to have it elongated straight out from the corner of the eye or if you want it to wing up slightly on the end. The latter makes the eye look a bit more glamorous and the first making the eye slightly more edgy.

MAC’s Smoke Signals launch is the perfect line of products to achieve this easily!

- Start with a dark shadow (Carbon) or pencil (Orpheus) and draw a line from the outer corner of the eye and extending it towards the temple. Only take that line as far as you think works for your eye shape.

- Take the same product and draw a small line from the inner corner of the eye and attach to the outer line.

- You can make the line a little thicker towards the end to enhance the shape of the eye.

- Using a shadow will create a softer smokey cat eye and a pencil or liquid liner creates a more defined eye.

- You may also want to add to the shape by applying varying shades of shadows, just remember the key to the cat eye is to keep your products softer or more minimal on the inner eye and extending out towards the temple following your liner shape!

Great tips. Thanks Melissa!

Images L to R: Elie Saab, On Aura Tout Tu, Etro

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