Thursday, August 16, 2007

Is M·A·C's New 3D An Illusion?

If you love lipgloss and especially if you love M·A·C lipglass, you are going to absolutely LOVE the recently released 3D Glass. 12 limited edition glosses that shimmer and shine with a multi-reflective finish. Your lips seem to be in 3D.

As with all M·A·C glosses, 3D glass is non-sticky, moisturizing and will stay put for hours. I have added several of the colours to my makeup bag and my favourites are: In 3D, Racy and Boundless. I can wear them alone or over my favourite lipstick to add a little pizazz.

Algorithm: Sheer dusty rose with light pink pearl (Frost)
Apex: Sheer orange with green pearl (Frost)
Backlit: Soft white gold with yellow and white pearl (Frost)
Boundless: Intense pinky red with soft blue pearl (Frost)
Energy: Sheer baby pink with white and pink pearl (Frost)
In 3D: Sheer peachy pink with blue pearl (Frost)
Lightswitch: Sheer metallic pink with white pearl (Frost)
Optical: Warm caramel brown with pink pearl (Frost)
Racy: Sheer cherry red with pink and red pearl (Frost)
Synched Up: Creamy tan with pink and white pearl (Frost)
Touchpoint: Sheer blue mid-tone pink with blue pearl (Frost)
Wondershine: Warm tangerine with gold and red pearl (Frost)

This new collection also has 9 sheer lipglass pencils to compliment your gloss.

Red Stroke: Sheer cherry red (Satin)
Pink Edge: Sheer soft mid-tone pink with white pearl (Satin)
Fuchsia Lining: Sheer pink berry (Satin)
Brickmate: Rich bronze brown with gold pearl (Frost)
Part Nude: Sheer dirty plum-brown (Satin)
Neutralzone: Warm caramel with gold pearl (Frost)
Coral Craze: Sheer mid-tone orange (Satin)
Plum Mate: Sheer plum (Satin)
Rosebound: Sheer soft neutral pink with gold pearl (Frost)

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Blogger Life Is Beautiful said...

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12:50 p.m.  
Blogger Carleenp said...

I have been wearing different shades from this line all weekend. I love them! I've always been a lipglass fan, but I have been liking these more than usual.

3:07 p.m.  

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