Tuesday, September 18, 2007

All About The Boys: FRAGRANCE

All my life I have adored men's cologne. It just smells so...manly! Today as part of this week's Men's focus I share with you 'Fragrance'...

A little background:
At the beginning of the 18th century, Italian expatriate Johann Maria Farina created a new fragrance and named it after his new residence, Cologne. Since then the men's fragrance market has been growing leaps and bounds and was estimated to exceed $2.5 billion in 2006. “In 2006, a men’s scent was actually the top selling prestige fragrance for 9 out of 12 months,” said Karen Grant, senior beauty industry analyst, The NPD Group. “This appears to be a more recent trend, picking up momentum each year. For example, if you look back to 2003, there was only one month when a men’s fragrance was the number one seller. By 2005, a men’s fragrance was number one 5 months out of 12,” said Grant.

The basic difference between perfume and cologne is in their strength. While both perfume and cologne are made from denatured ethyl alcohol and essential oils, perfume and eau de parfum contain between fifteen and twenty-two percent essential oils; eau de cologne contains only between four percent essential oils.

How to wear cologne:

Less is more is always the best motto when applying a scent - whether you are female or male. If you have a traditional bottle of cologne without a spray nozzle, simply place your finger over the opened bottle and tip it over to wet your finger. Apply to your pulse points: wrists, neck, and behind the ears.

If you use aftershave, do not use a different brand of cologne. It is okay to layer scents as long as they are the same brand. Layering scents would consist of using the same brand of lotion and shower gel as your cologne.

Please note that Cologne typically has a shelf life of 3-5 years. It's best to let it go after that - no keeping that signature fragrance for decades!

Here are some suggested products for making him smell delicious:

Lacoste Elegance
The captivating new male fragrance from Lacoste, captures the stops-you-in-your-tracks charisma and utterly mesmerising style of the contemporary gentleman. Combining a woody, spicy masculinity and distinctive dry down with an oriental fougère bouquet, Lacoste Elegance is simultaneously deep and bright, bitter yet sweet.

Intimately Beckham
Intimately Beckham projects the edgy, sexy side of David. A modern woody-spicy accord radiating warmth and sensuality. A heady mix of energy, vibrancy, comfort and warmth.

Happy for Men
A men's version of Clinique's classic fragrance. Cool and crisp with a hint of citrus. Designed to be worn every day, this fragrance is light with Jamaican ginger, citrus and amber undertones.

This scent is a more mature re-interpretation of the irreverence of HUGO, modernised with the emphasis of the mint and basil heart notes which create an aromatic green bouquet.


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