Friday, September 07, 2007

Film Fest Mania: Star Gazing

Toronto is complete chaos at the moment and I love it! Big time movie stars are flying in on private jets to party the weekend away and fans are lining the streets to sneak a peek.

For those of you that are the 'peekers', here are some items that will keep you comfy and feeling good:

1. Bottled Water - the body needs to be hydrated, especially in this heat. Winners on Bloor is handing out the cutest mini bottles with RUNWAY printed on them.

2. Sunscreen - standing in one spot for a long period of time is asking for the rays to damage your delicate skin. Slather up before leaving the house and then reapply frequently. KINeSYS Sunscreen Spray - SPF 30 is perfect as it is light, sprays on and is non greasy.

3. Moisturizer - Cake Satin Sugar All Purpose Treatment Balm is so perfect. This versatile darling is infused with 86% shea butter and12% beeswax. The ultra moisturizing formula is supremely nourishing; treating heels, cuticles, chapped lips, pesky dry patches, frizzies, and fly aways.

I have been told that Satin Sugar All Purpose Treatment Balm will be included in the exclusive Redemption dinner gift bags given to top movie execs, crew and the cast including Reese, Jake and even the beloved Meryl. They are so lucky!

4. Bandages - I have the larges blisters on the soles of my feet from running around yesterday. I would recommend Band-Aid Advanced Healing Blister. These cushion them so well.

5. Sunglasses
- Large cool sunglasses. When your eyes absorb light, the process creates heat or chemical reactions in eye tissue. These reactions can cause permanent damage if the eye's natural ability to heal itself is overwhelmed. I quite like these Minotauro 164S by Roberto Cavalli.

6. Shoes - Comfortable shoes. These could be a wedge but to me flat is the way to go. How cute are these Matiko shoes?

Ok if you see a famous person I want you to email me straight away!

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