Monday, September 10, 2007

Film Fest Mania: The Wardrobe Lounge

The Wardrobe Lounge is where 'stars' go to borrow beautiful items whilst attending the Festival. Whether it is the perfect pair of shoes or an entire ensemble, celebrities can find what they need in this oasis of Canadian and International luxury brands.

Nicholas Mellamphy, a fashion consultant and industry veteran is the founder of this enterprise. Mellamphy has worked with with some of the world's biggest VIP's and celebrities and understands the importance that fashion plays in the Entertainment Industry. The Wardrobe Lounge brings together fashion, jewellery and accessory collections as a "world class celebrity closet" and a resource for any media related need - red carpet, press conference or cocktail parties.

Many 'Stars' have graced The Wardrobe Lounge this past weekend. Uma Thurman selected Myles Mindham Jewellery to wear at the premiere of her new film last night. Maria Bello selected JourNuit evening shoes for the premiere of The Jane Austen Book Club as well as a Laurel leather jacket in a black polished finish from the Spring 2008 collection. And Rachel Leigh Cook selected a Nada black sequin mini shift for the premiere of her film "All Hat".

The Toronto International Film Festival is on until September 11.

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