Monday, September 17, 2007

All About The Boys: HANDS

I always look at men's hands. Clean, well groomed nails and soft skin make a good impression on me.

If your man is constantly working with his hands, he may be at risk of cracked, chapped and sore skin - ouch! With just a small amount of attention spent each day he can keep those ever important hands in great working order.

Here are some suggested products for keeping his hands healthy:

Hansen For Men Medicated Cracked Hand Repair is powerful relief for dry, cracked hands and provides long-lasting protection against wind, cold, water and daily wear and tear. Shea Butter, Collagen and Soy provide deep moisture to hands. Penetrates deeply to relieve and protect dry, chapped hands, split cuticles and fingertips.

ClarinsMen Active Hand Care
Powerful skin-repairing benefits and protection in a non-oily formula specifically adapted to men's skin. Helps calm irritations, nourish and fight calluses with pro-vitamin B5.

Caswell-Massey Newport Mariner's Hand Cream
Take it from an old salt, this Newport Mariner's Hand Cream soothes, moistens and refreshes even the craggiest of hands.

Anthony Logistics For Men
Glycerin Hand & Body Lotion
With sea kelp to strengthen skin, shea butter to soften, aloe vera, chamomile to smooth and a nourishing bunch of vitamins, this hand and body lotion will moisturize and improve elasticity.

Where he can read up on Men's hand care:
Chris Rovny over at shares the best tips for Male Hand Care - check it out.

Where he can get a manly manicure:
The Men's Power Spa in Toronto
The Boardroom in Edmonton
Nickel Spa For Men in New York
Bode Spa in Ottawa

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