Friday, September 14, 2007

Primetime Emmy Awards

This Sunday sees the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards. The Emmys are taking on a whole new look this year. Ryan Seacrest will be hosting and the the show will have a reality show element - can't wait to see!

Bruce Grayson is the Makeup Department Head for the 2007 Primetime Emmys and offers a sneak-peak behind this year’s Red Carpet. "This year I predict that the emphasis will be on the lips, rather than the eyes. Lipstick is back in a big way and I think we’ll be seeing lots of moisture matte formulas and glossy formulas. Lip stains blotted down in shades of plum or red will be the “it” colors. But don’t discount the eyes; they’ll be soft and beautiful, simply framed with false lashes instead of heavy liner. " Bruce Says.

How does Grayson prepare for such an important event? "I prepare by making sure that the makeup crew has the tools and makeup supplies they need to get the job done. I’m in close contact with stylists and publicists so that I know what colors the stars will be wearing. It’s essential that we’re prepared to touch them up and keep their look consistent. "

When asked about what are the must have products for that stunning film star look "Thin translucent foundations and powders that allow natural even skin tone to be seen are key. Blotting papers to take down shine are a great alternative to power build-up, and Kleenex on-hand for the occasional teary eye are a must. I always keep cream blush nearby because it blends right into the skin and looks natural, along with false lashes to frame the eyes without using liner." Great tips!

I will definitely be watching the Emmys on Sunday. Will you?



Blogger talia said...

I always watch it just for the fashion but I am not a fan of Ryan Seacrest myself, I think he is too over exposed at this point and he's really not funny. But that is just my opinion :)

2:19 p.m.  

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