Thursday, October 04, 2007

DermStore Presents Sonya Dakar

Celebrity skin care line, Sonya Dakar, has been building a cult following among Hollywood elite for over 30 years. With over 70 plant-based products, Sonya Dakar offers a comprehensive product line that can be customized to address anyone’s skin concerns.

Dakar's world renowned products include:

UltraLuxe-9 Age Control Complex
This truly remarkable complex works to reduce the appearance of fine lines, expression lines and deep wrinkles, resulting in a younger and healthier looking complexion.

Mud Lavender Wash
A detergent-free, balancing cleanser that is ideal for acne-prone and oily skin types. Dead sea mud cleanses the skin while removing excess oil without dehydrating the complexion. Lavender extract calms redness and irritation as it kills blemish-causing bacteria.

Omega-3 Repair Complex
Containing natural Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, this gentle formula will nourish and repair the skin from the inside out, and is ideal for scarring, rosacea and eczema.

Drying Potion
This product heals blemishes both above and below the skin's surface with ingredients such as calming lavender and chamomile extracts, disinfectant sage oil and stimulating peppermint oil for faster healing.

Sonya Dakar is now available exclusively online at and

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Blogger Melissa said...

that mud lavender wash looks really enticing. perhaps i'll give it a try.

12:56 a.m.  
Anonymous Kitty said...

Sonya may be a cult favorite among celebrities, but she runs a scam in which she will charge you $7500 for a "series" of 6 treatments and will not refund your money if you decide to cancel them after the first complimentary facial. I wouldn't use any of her products if she doesn't stand behind them to guarantee customer satisfaction!

10:09 p.m.  
Blogger Liz said...

I love Sonya Dakar's products. I tried her products a few times and had amazing results. I am so stoked because Spa Luce, a new spa opening up at the Renaissance hotel at Hollywood and Highland, is going to carry her product line. I am so excited!

4:39 p.m.  

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