Saturday, November 10, 2007

10 Business Tips from Eve Pearl

Eve Pearl was the first keynote speaker at the Canadian Makeup Show and spoke on being a business person and not just a makeup artist. Here are her 10 tips:

To do well in the industry you need to be a business person, a great artist, relate with people and take be willing to take yourself to the next level.

Take every opportunity that comes your way. Sometimes you may wish to offer your services for free just to get your name out there.

When you take a new assignment, go with the flow. Don't go in and start making changes. Prove yourself and then start being a little more creative and making changes.

Be calm on set and stay out of the set politics.

You do not need a huge makeup kit. Your kit should only include pieces that you can use on each person. Pearl has one eyeshadow palette with only 6 eyeshadow colours. Those 6 colours can be used on all skin tones.

Be your client's cosmetic supplier. Bring along extra product as most people will want to buy it once they see it on themselves. You can make some extra money that way.
Perfect your techniques. You are only as good as your talent.
Provide everyone the best service so that they remember you. If they enjoyed working with you they will hire you again and or refer you.
Learn to negotiate your fees. Be willing to work within a client's budget.
Always have someone you trust cover your regular job when you take a new assignment. Never leave the client in the lurch.

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