Sunday, November 11, 2007

Canadian Makeup Show: Day 2

I arrived early this morning as I wanted to get a good seat for the Mindy Shear seminar. I have had the busiest day - I watched four seminars, interviewed Mindy Shear, interviewed Sharon Gault, interviewed a couple of exhibitors and now I am typing up my notes for you.

I think the best find at the show for me was a product called Nurturing Force. It is a facial blotting paper with aromatherapy. The handy purse size dispenser holds almost 30 feet of blotting paper in one roll - rip off the size you need. Geoffrey Sosnick, the President of Nurturing Force gave me a dispenser with fragrant lavender and it is lovely, Very calming.

Vasanti cosmetics had a steady stream of customers throughout the weekend. This 9 year old company is based in Toronto and offers cosmetics with a wide range of colours for diverse skin tones. Their latest product is the Eye and Cheek Putty. With a plasticine-like texture you can add a sheer wash of colour or layer for more intensity.

Photos from today:

One of the Canadian Makeup Show was Zipcar. This little mini had a makeover of its own. Doesn't it look cute?

MAC were once again being incredibly creative and painted this gal completely in a shimmery black concoction of Chromacake, glycerin and black pigment. I was told they mixed it in a blender! Please note that I added the gerbers to certain parts as it was a bit too sassy.

Students were busy working on their models for the competition.



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