Saturday, November 10, 2007

MAC at the Canadian Makeup Show

When I wandered over to the MAC Cosmetics booth, the Pro Artists were busy at work painting this guy silver.

Eden Bluestein, Senior MAC Pro Artist, gave me the lowdown on how this look was achieved. Silver pigment was mixed with Alcohol based Mixing Medium and then painted directly onto the skin. Using the alcohol based product rather than water based ensures the look is long lasting and won't smudge or transfer onto clothes.

Bluestein informed me that you would not want to use the Alcohol based Mixing Medium on a face, so instead the skin is moisturized and then pigment is brushed on. A latex covered hand, pats and smoothes the pigment for a finished look.

Jane McKay
and Melissa Gibson from MAC spoke on and demonstrated the Spring 2008 Runway Trends. The name they gave the overall Spring look was Modern Makeup.

Faces are sculpted and makeup is dimensional.
Skin is sheer or on the other extreme paired down and alibaster.
Lips can be nude or standout using the seasons hottest colour - bright orange. No lip liner or perfect definition but rather faded out at the edges.
Eyes see a renewal of the greys: Dusty, Slated, Pewter. There were also the metals: bronze, silver and gold. Eyeshadow is pulled out horizontally to the side of the face.

Jane ended by stating that Spring 2008 was more about 'a feeling or mood' rather than a look from the past.

Sculpted skin

The horizontal eye with grey shades and the flush metal look

The bright orange lip



Blogger Make-up Junkie in Canada said...

Love Eden and the guy working with her is my friend Ricky from MAC Pro! They did such an amazing job on that hot guy! hehe

10:03 a.m.  

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