Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Roses are Red...Your Skin Shouldn't Be

Are you prone to redness in your face? Some individuals are affected by persistent redness that causes blotchiness and discomfort, like Rosacea. Others, like myself, have the type of skin that reacts to the cold weather, food, wine, allergies or just plain embarrassment, leaving us looking a bit like a cherry.

The fabulous people at Clinique want to help us with that not-so-lovely rosy glow and have developed Redness Solutions, a skincare regime formulated specifically for easily reactive skin.

This new skincare line works to provide your skin with the best defense against redness and itchiness, and overtime you'll see a real difference.

Soothing Cleanser
This extremely gentle, non-foaming, soft cream-gel contains ingredients like Squalane, Caffeine and Oat Extract to carefully cleanse the skin without disturbing the skin's natural moisture balance.

Daily Relief Cream
A hydrating cream that is appropriate for skins with persistent redness and contains a complex of White, Yellow and Red Tea to calm and sooth skin. It has a slight green tint that acts immediately to quell visible redness and blotchiness, while soothing to cool discomfort. Over time, this formula will improve the skin's overall comfort.

Urgent Relief Cream, anti-itch cream
This moisturizing treatment for skins with occasional or reactive redness provides immediate relief from reactions, including flare-ups triggered by weather, pollution and allergens. It quickly calms itchy, irritated skin and strengthens it against further irritation.

Daily Protective Base SPF 15
This gentle formula protects and primes skin in one easy step. Sunscreens and antioxidants produce the protection that is so important for reactive skin, while its green tint immediately helps lessen the look of redness and irritation.

All Redness Solutions products are oil free, 100% fragrance free and allergy tested. This line will be hitting the shelves this December.

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