Sunday, December 23, 2007

MAC Curiositease

There are six collections within the Antiquitease Holiday grouping. Finery, one of the six, contains mini colour sets that are packaged in attractive cream paper cylinders, adorned with a gold or silver crown motif.

Anyone of these would be a perfect gift for any gal. I have gifted myself with the 5 Cool Lipglass and Lustreglass and the 5 Cool Pigments and Glitter - gorgeous.

Here are the sets that are part of Finery:

Curiositease: 5 Warm Lipglass and Lustreglass
Lipglass: Expensive, Bada Boom, Pink Grapefruit
Lustreglas: Beaux, Ornamental

Curiositease: 5 Cool Lipglass and Lustreglass
Lipglass: Be Seen, Spirited, Nymphette
Lustreglass: Star Nova, Flashmode

Curiositease: 5 Plushglass
Plushglass: Wet Wild Wonderful, Pretty Plush, Bountiful, Plus Luxe, Hot Stuff

Curiositease: 5 Warm Pigments and Glitter
Pigments: Lily White, Dazzleray, Copper Sparkle, Sunpepper Pigments
Glitter: Reflects Gold

Curiositease: 5 Cool Pigments and Glitter

Pigments: Helium, Softwash Grey, Naval Blue, Forest Green Pigments
Glitter: Reflects Blue

Curiositease: 5 Softsparkle Pencils
Eye Pencil: Nightsky, Peacocked, Iris Accents, Reflecto, Goldenair

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