Friday, December 21, 2007

MAC Finery

Finery is part of the M.A.C Antiquitease collection and includes four lip sets. Each set has the sweetest little fabric bag with gold or silver metallic thread woven through it. Inside are two lipsticks and a gloss, in one of four colour schemes.

My personal favourite is the Plum Lips and I am giving my mother the Coral Lips for Christmas. Hope she doesn't read this before then!

Finery: 3 Plum Lips
Lipstick: Ultra-Madame, Culture Class
Lipglass: Contessa

Finery: 3 Coral Lips
Lipstick: Aristo-Chic, Ruling Class
Lipglass: Splendid!

Finery: 3 Tan Lips
Lipstick: High Tea, Haughty
Lipglass: Honorable

Finery: 3 Pink Lips

Lipstick: Snob Appeal, Blue Blood
Lipglass: Gentility

Another Holiday winner from MAC.

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