Friday, January 12, 2007

Buxom Girls

Bare Escentuals is launching a new and sassy product this February. Buxom Lips Big & Healthy Lip Polish is a plumping lip gloss formulated to leave lips curvaceous, voluptuous and healthy.

Infused with vitamins A and E to keep lips soft and protected, Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips Big & Healthy Lip Polish provides your lips with a cooling sensation whilst plumping them up with it's all-natural, collagen-boosting ceramide.

These high-volume shine glosses come in four shades, each with a Buxom girl name:

· i.d. Candi Buxom Lips Lip Gloss (strawberry jam)
· i.d. Dolly Buxom Lips Lip Gloss (dusty mauve)
· i.d. Amber Buxom Lips Lip Gloss (washed peach)
· i.d. Bambi Buxom Lips Lip Gloss (blushed pink)

Keep your eyes peeled for these cheeky glosses - I certainly will!

i.d. Buxom Lips Lip Gloss costs $18.00 USD and can be purchased from any Bare Escentuals Boutique or by calling 1-800-227-3990.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Skin MD Natural

Skin MD Natural is a hypoallergenic, dermatology tested shielding lotion, which blends moisturizers with a light silicone material. This liquid shield bonds with the surface of your skin to keep out bad irritants while holding in the skin’s natural moisture, keeping it supple and smooth.

Generally, hand lotions have to be applied often to keep skin soft and moisturized – and it tends to come off when you wash your hands. Skin MD Natural actually bonds with the skin so it will last for a minimum of four hours per application – even if you wash your hands.

I have been using Skin MD Natural for about four weeks now and am seeing such a remarkable change in my skin, especially my hands. I am a bit of a germ freak and wash my hands many times a day. I find that my hands in the winter become itchy, start to crack and generally don’t look very good. Using this product has made my hands smooth, soft and there are no cracks! The thing that really amazed me was, I seem to get a mild case of eczema on my arms in the winter – I don’t know why. After about a week of using the shielding lotion, the eczema completely cleared up! I did not have to go to the doctor to ask for the cream he usually prescribes.

I would definitely recommend this lotion to anyone that has a problem with dry skin - whether it be arms, legs or hands. This fragrance free lotion is light, non greasy and a just little goes a long way!

For more information on Skin MD Natural go to

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bath Body Junky

Are you a bath and body junkie? Do you like to pamper yourself in the bath? Here is an online store that is sure to please.
Bath Body Junky is a one-stop online shop for the most tantalizing, aromatic imported body washes and body butters. Everything is imported from either Australia, Italy, England, or France - so you won't be able to find these products anywhere else.

Jenny from Bath Body Junky tells me that the Fruitify Mud Mask is one of their top sellers.
"It's unique and fun, and it's got ingredients that are healthy and beneficial to the skin. One of the things that makes Bath Body Junky different is our focus on beauty products that not only "beautify" but also purify and nourish the skin. Fruitify Mud Masks are kaolin clay-based cleansers with natural, nutrient-rich additives like avocado oil, apricot oil and ginger oil, all of which are high in Vitamin E (which as you might know is a vital antioxidant for the skin) and other vitamins and minerals."

This Australian treat is only $18.50 USD and offers to soothe winter-chapped skin. I think I am sold!

Fruitify Mud Masks come in four delicious varieties:
· Banana & Blueberry
· Watermelon & Hot Blood Orange
· Strawberry, Wildberry, & Raspberry
· Mango & Passionfruit

For this product and many more goodies check out their website.

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