Saturday, March 17, 2007

Weekend Blog Roundup

Good morning. I hope that you are all well. I am excited because I am off to the EPIC Vancouver trade show and I think it is going to be excellent. This sustainability living expo has quite a few beauty exhibitors so I am keen to see who is there and what they can tell me. I will share what I find out tomorrow.

Here are my beauty article picks from the past week. Enjoy!

Gray Hair- No Longer Something to Hide? I don't know about but letting my gray show but see what Beth says at Ageless in Los Angeles.

Beautiful Makeup Search wonders about Smashbox's new O-Glow.

As spring approaches, Beauty Hatchery offers tips to tackle perspiration frustration.

Product Review: DHC Skin Care: Part I by Beauty and Fashion Tech.

Bon Bons in the Bath does an indie spotlight on Bathed & Infused.

Henna from Canadian Beauty talks about the L'Oreal Fashion Week in Toronto.

Hmmm Chanel. Check out their Summer Exclusive Colour Collection at the Makeup Bag.

The Makeup Girl talks about Agent Provocate.

Pretty by Nature helps you practice a healthy nail ritual.

Spa Blah Blah shares Boy Tested and Spa Girl Approved: LUSH Fresh Face Masks.

Elke attends the Max Factor Fashion Show! Lucky Girl!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


viv•i•fy [viv-uh-fahy]
To give new life or energy to

This is the name of the deep moisturizing cream from BC based Smell This! Aromatherapy. The incredibly soothing fragrance from this hydrating cream and the feel of it has me daydreaming of being at my favourite spa, receiving a relaxing massage - ah delightful!

Vivify is enriched with hemp seed oil and a pure essential oils of Lavender, tee tree oil, geranium, and roman chamomile.

Smell This! Aromatherapy has several high quality, natural skin and body care products. For more information visit their site at

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Precious Remedies for the Hair

This week I received the new Tawaka collection from Ojon. This natural, one-of-a kind hair care line uses a secret blend of ingredients that include the rare wild “savage” Tawaka cacao and the exotic Ojon oil, both harvested from the rainforest of the Mosquitia region in Central America. The Tawaka trio is intensively moisturizing and anti-oxidant-rich, ideal for all hair and skin types but especially good for dry, damaged aging hair and skin. These products will restore the precious oils that your hair and skin loses over time.

Ancient Tribal Rejuvenating Cleanser
This cleanser can be used to wash your hair, remove makeup, clean your face or in the shower as a body wash – how versatile! It smells so good, a lovely light scent of chocolate and it leaves my hair clean, very soft and super shiny.

Ancient Tribal Rejuvenating Conditioner
I really liked this scalp and body conditioning treatment. It too smelt delicious, but not overpowering. The thick pudding-like conditioner absorbed into my hair quickly and washed out nicely to leave my hair soft and shiny.

My hair is not overly dry or damaged so I was a little concerned that I may find my hair weighed down or greasy from these two products. This was not the case at all - my hair has been feeling beautifully rejuvenated.

Ancient Tribal Rejuvenating Cream
This product is really multi-functional and can be used as a skin moisturizer for your dry body parts, as a base for makeup, for the ultimate in deep conditioning for hair, as a leave in treatment, a styling aid, a smoother for dry hair.

This very rare, 99% natural, anti-oxidant-rich blend is quickly and thoroughly absorbed into the skin, helping to protect aging skin against free-radical damage, while increasing skin firmness, elasticity and vital hydration.

This cream has a body butter consistency and smooths over the skin, soaking in and relieving the dryness of elbows, knees and feet. I love applying this just before bed and waking up to soft skin.

For more information or to shop online visit

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Recapture Youthful Radiance with Olay's Latest Body Wash

Olay recently launched the new Olay Body Wash plus Radiance Ribbons, the latest in the Olay Ribbons Body Wash line. This creamy green and white cleanser offers advanced moisturization and helps skin recapture a youthful glow in only five days.
How does it work? It contains glucosamine complex formulated with N-acetyl glucosamine and luminous brighteners. Interference pigments found in the formula help improve the skin's ability to reflect light for glowing, great looking skin.

I have been using this body wash for the last week and love the way my skin feels - soft, lubrcated and it does have a nice glow about it. I have used other Olay Ribbon body washes and I am fascinated at the dual stream "ribbon" technology and how those ribbons are so perfect in the tube. At only $5.99 CAD/$4.99 USD (10oz/295ml) you cannot go wrong with this product.

Available in drugstores nationally. For more information visit or

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Monday, March 12, 2007

The Beauty Supply Outlet

I was recently in Toronto on business and came across a great store called the Beauty Supply Outlet. At first I thought it was just for estheticians so I did not go in, but then I became curious and popped my head in. I was informed that the store was part of a large chair and was open to the public - yippee!

The Beauty Supply Outlet carries a number of professional salon hair care products, hair colour, nail care, bath and body items and more! Some of the offers are such a great deal - The Dermanew Total Body Experience is only $79.97 CAD and you receive a free Polishing Body Wash too.

Some of the lines they carry are: OPI, Joico, Fudge, KMS and Paul Mitchell.

The Beauty Supply Outlet have 43 locations throughout Ontario, Canada. Check out their website for more information.