Friday, April 27, 2007

It's A Winner!

The annual Canadian Fragrance Awards was held last night in Toronto, with prizes awarded for Best Fragrance Editorial in Canada, Best Full Market Launch, Favourite Scent - Judge's Choice.
I am pleased to announce that Tom Ford's Black Orchid won the prestigious award for “Best Luxe Launch.” We reviewed this highly acclaimed fragrance last year - click here to read the article.

“This is an honor for all of us at Tom Ford Beauty. We hold the members of this organization in the highest esteem, as the leading arbiters of prestige and talent in the fragrance industry,” says Andrea Robinson, President of Tom Ford Beauty.

Black Orchid is Tom Ford’s first signature fragrance since leaving Gucci and evokes luxury and sophistication by capturing the timeless luxury and worldly glamour of classic fragrances of the past.

For more information on Tom Ford's Black Orchid visit

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Men and The Spa

Did you know that one out of every three spa visitors is a man? That is what researchers at Allure Magazine found out.

It does not surprise me as I think men are wanting to take better care of themselves - for their personal appearance at work, for their partner and just because it makes them feel better. A man having a facial, manicure or pedicure should not be taboo.

My husband went for his first facial at Christmas time and he LOVED it. It made him realize that he needs to look after his skin and now he uses a good face wash and....a moisturiser!

Here are ten tips from Enrique Ramirez, Spa Director of Face to Face NYC Day Spa, on what men should know before they go to the spa:

"1. Shave before a facial.
Although not a major requirement, it does make a difference to your facialist. A smooth beard area gives the opportunity to treat any signs of razor burn, ingrown hairs, or neck irritation caused by use of an old razor. Otherwise, these concerns will go unnoticed.

2. Arrive 10 minutes early before your appointment.
This will allow you a stress-free check in. Many spas require an intake form to be filled out before your scheduled treatment. It also gives you time to change, freshen up or decompress.

3. Underwear is a choice.
For those shy fellows, you do have a choice to keep on your tighty whities or go commando during a massage or body treatment. Whatever you choose, it will be fine with your professional spa technician. No need to explain!

4. Shower before a massage.
Make a point to arrive early so you can hit the shower; a squeaky clean scent will make your masseur want to rub instead of run!

5. Tip your spa technician.
Show appreciation to your spa technician with a 15-20% tip. Your spa technician will remember and will take extra special care of your face next time you’re in the spa.

6. Turn off cell phones and mobile hand-held devices.
Spas create a soothing, relaxing and mellow environment to help you whack crazed nerves or tension, which can be ruined with the piercing sound of a mobile phone. Show that you’re a guy with good manners and shut them off.

7. Don’t put on body lotion before waxing.
It will make your back waxing less painful and easier to remove the strip wax. Also, it’s very important that you inform the technician if you are using Retin-A or Accutane, as this will avoid an awkward moment when your skin is being removed along with your hair.

8. Keep voices down when entering the spa.
Calm and reflective tones are welcomed! You’re not at the Super Bowl.

9. Be open with your spa technician.
Inform your technician of any body, mental or skin ‘imbalances’ such as allergies, medications that may affect your skin, torn ligaments, claustrophobic etc. Your spa technician will then customize your massage, facial or nail treatment.

10. Don’t work out after a spa treatment.
You’ve just paid all that money to relax your muscles. Why would you want to then go and tense them up again? "

Most spas have treatments specially for men so ask when you are booking. Also, why not go with your partner and make it a fun event!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Eye Creams for Every Budget

We can't all afford to spend a million dollars on an eye cream and there are so many out there that it can be confusing. Here are some eye creams that I have recently tried and really liked with prices ranging from $26.99 to $85.00.

Olay Regenerist Eye Derma-Pod
I saw the Regenerist Eye Derma-Pod on the TV and thought they were so very cool. They are very easy to use - just squeeze the pod to release the cream into the sponge, dab onto area around eye and then gently massage into that skin. Use three times a week and you'll see your lines soften and puffiness will decrease.

24 pods for $26.99 USD $32.99 CAD from your favourite drugstore.

Skincode Revitalizing Eye Contour Cream
A multi-active cream that soothes, nourishes and refreshes the skin to soften fine lines and reduce puffiness around the delicate eye area.
$35.00 USD available from Walgreens

Kenzoki Ice Cold Eye Cream
Kenzo have a beautiful line of skincare products by the name of Kenzoki. Ice-Cold Eye Cream is applied to the area around the eye in the morning and contains ginger flower to decongest and firm. This eye cream is different as it is kept in the fridge! It feels so wonderful when you put it on.
$45.00 USD from

Obagi ELASTIderm Night Eye Cream
This eye cream uses a unique, patent-pending revolutionary bi-mineral complex combined with malonic acid and rich emollients to replenish elastin and boost collagen production while the skin naturally repairs itself at night. Also contains Blueberry Extract which provides antioxidants that help eliminate free radicals.
$85.00 USD $92.00 CAD from

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Fun Facts About Me!

Elke from the Beauty Blog Network recently sent around some fun questions for me and other bloggers to answer. I thought I would share the questions and my answers with you...

1. I was born in Toronto, moved to London, England at 9, moved to Vancouver at age 22 – hated it so moved to Sydney, Australia for a year and now am back in Vancouver…until I move to Toronto in May!!

2. I was a HUGE 1950s fan when I was a teenager and was a pretty good "jiver". Was asked to dance in a Morrissey video, be an extra in a TV drama named "Lipstick on your collar" (I think it was Ewan McGregor's first acting job), and took part in a few articles on women with classic cars.

Would you believe that the scene I was in is on youtube?! Click here to see the link. I am in only for half a second! When the link first starts I am on the far left with long brown hair, black sweater, white scarf and next to my old friend Nicki with the red hair and checked shirt. Too funny! I have not seen this is a long time.

3. I have been married 3 years yesterday - yippee!

4. I was doing Event Planning and Marketing for over 8 years until recently. Now I am fully committed to Lipstick, Powder 'n Paint.

5. I love Antiques and Heritage homes. I currently own a very tall Victorian house that was built in 1892. Our house in Toronto is a newer one built in 1926.

What is your favorite beauty item on your vanity?
That's a hard one! I am really loving the new Kenzoki cold eye cream (but it's in the fridge and not on the vanity)

I can't live without...
My 2 pugs
My husband
My laptop and my L'Occitane lavender hand cream

What's your favorite gift to give?
A pedicure or other spa treatment

If you could max out your credit card at one shop, which one?
Well if I did I would be in trouble but it would have to be Sephora…of course!

What one beauty item every woman should own?
A good moisturizer. A dehydrated skin is not good.

What inspired you to start your blog/site?
I stumbled upon The Beauty Addict site and loved it. I love to chat and tell people about items I love, so I thought I would try doing a blog. I was not sure if it would take off but I am so glad it has. I am so loving it and especially the other bloggers I have e-met!

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
Somewhere warm – St. Lucia, Barbados, Florida, Hawaii – anywhere! I am surrounded by a huge mess. We are moving and everything is being ripped out of the cupboards, drawers, etc.

Who is your celebrity beauty mate?
I have always loved Meg Ryan's hair - so I currently have a flipped out do.
Makeup..that's a tough one. Emily Blunt, Katherine Heigl. Something more natural looking.

Do you have any hidden talents?
I guess dancing, though it has been such a long time since I did.

Name your favorite...
Lipgloss: I have several. The ones that I am currently wearing are Pink Beauty's Lip Scintillate Lip Gloss in Fabulah and Dupwop's Duet Gloss in Flora Makeup

Brand: That's hard. It's between Benefit and Duwop for great colours, choice of products and wearability.

Colour: I am a lover of mauve for eyes and lips.

Beauty Trend: Crimson blush with subtle sheen and cherry red lips

Book: Bobbi Brown Living Beauty and 5 minute face by Carmindy. Non-beauty would have to be the Shopaholic series of books.

Well there you go, a little information on me!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mother's Day

I love my Mum and am ready for Mother's Day. I am taking her to the Pan Pacific Hotel for their fantastic Mother's Day Brunch - yummy.

What will you be doing for your Mother? If you are still trying to think what to buy her, here are some suggestions...

Dior J'Adore Gift Set
Set includes a 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum Spray, 2.5 oz Perfumed Body Lotion, a 2.5 oz Perfumed Bath and Shower Gel, and a signature black satin and lace purse.

Stella McCartney Stella Night And Day Refillable Purse Spray
This purse spray contains two Stella Eau de Parfum Sprays, along with two Stella Rose Absolute Eau de Parfum Sprays.

Bvlgari Rose Essentielle Gift Set
Set includes a 1 oz Eau de Parfum Spray and a 1 oz Scented Candle in a signature gift box.

For more fragrance ideas check out this great slideshow from Women's Health Magazine.

Sephora Summer Blockbuster Palette
A two-tiered palette for eyes, face, and lips, plus all the tools you need to put together endless looks.

Smashbox Beauty Book
A must-have set of Smashbox products and insider beauty secrets for face, eyes, and lips

Bare Escentuals Wearable Lip Kit
Kit contains 0.15 oz lipstick, 0.2 oz lip gloss, 0.008 oz lip liner

Sephora Face & Eye Travel Tool Kit
Set includes a powder/blush brush, eyeshadow blending brush, eyeshadow smudge brush, eyeshadow crease brush, and an angled brow/liner brush.

No matter what you get for your Mother, she will love it!, Inc.

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Jungle Fever

Max Factor have just launched their new Exotics Collection - it really is wild!

The colours are not for the faint of heart but for the woman wanting to make a statement!

Shadow Trio available from for $4.69, inc.