Saturday, June 16, 2007

Blue is the Colour of the Sky

Jennifer Aniston Hair: How To

Do you wish you could have glossy, straight locks like Jennifer Aniston? Well I am here to tell you that it can be done and all you need are the right tools! Here are products from the Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight line that I would recommend.

Start off by washing and conditioning your hair with Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight shampoo and conditioner.

Towel dry your hair and apply a golf ball size of Pin Straight Mousse evenly throughout your hair. Comb through using a wider tooth comb

Part your hair into four sections and using a round brush blow dry each section of your hair

Once thoroughly dry, take a two inch section of your hair and apply Flat Out Finishing Spray

Take your preheated flat iron and clamp at the roots and gently glide down your hair from root to tip. Repeat with the rest of your hair.

I like to finish off with Shimmery Nights. Containing a fusion of diamond dust & champagne, this light weight smoother holds down the flyaways and add shimmer.


Styling Products: Herbal Essences
Flat iron: Braun Cordless Professional

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Gifts for that Special Guy

Father's Day is quickly approaching and what better way to say I love you then to give your man a new fragrance. Well it's actually more of a gift for you but that's ok!

There are two men's fragrances out on the market that are just fantastic and they are represented by two totally handsome men!

The first is Hypn├┤se Homme. English actor Clive Owen is the face of this new fragrance and what a great choice!
With essences of lavender and Indonesian patchouli, combined with citrus essences of bergamot and Calabrian mandarin and co-mingling with the spicy potency of Chinese cardamom seed, this scent is spicy and sexy and a must for your man.

The second fragrance is Instinct and is the choice of my husband.
Coty and world renowned footballer David Beckham paired together to launch this distinctive masculine, clean, sporty scent. Instinct is a blend of orange, mandarin and Italian bergamot, with the middle notes of cardamom, pimento and star anise. Finishing off with vetiver, white amber and patchouli.
You may be concerned that this is a "celebrity" fragrance, but I promise that you do not have to worry. This scent is very appealing and 4 out of 5 women at my husband's work said they liked it.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Heat It. Treat It. Defeat It.

Would you like to be able to clear up blemishes in half the time? Well keep reading...

Have you ever heard of the ThermaClear? Clinically proven to clear pimples in less than half the time, the ThermaClear is a handheld device that uses heat to treat individual pimples and neutralize the underlying bacteria that cause these skin irritations.

"Studies show that thermal heat promotes and preconditions tissues for improving healing. We leveraged our understanding of lasers and how heat impacts bacteria to create a new consumer solution to this age old problem that was previously only available through medical professionals" said Dr. Luis Da Silva, inventor of the ThermaClear.

It is so easy to use - place the tip of the device to the offending pimple, press the pulse button and feel the warm, slightly stinging sensation. Repeat on other pimples.

I am one of those unfortunate people that gets the more-than-occasional pimple and I was up for the challenge to see if this device would indeed speed up the process of clearing those pimples up. My usual treatment for pimples is a cream which usually drys out my spots and the area of skin around them too.

The ThermaClear was indeed very easy to use and after only two days I noticed a huge improvement on those pesky pimples.

The ThermaClear is slightly costly at just under $150.00 USD but I feel that it is worth it as it will be like having your own dermatologist in your home.

For more information or to purchase, visit

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Rice Pudding as a Scrub?

Yesterday I used for the first time Kenzoki's Milky-Rice Body Scrub. This soft rice pudding-like product contains rice plant water, rich in mineral salts, essential oils and trace elements that left my skin feeling soft and silky smooth.

Milky-Rice Body Scrub smells like a dream with the scent of rice steam and envelopes your skin with its soft fragrance. After my shower I decided that I did not need to apply my usual perfume as I smelt so good!

In addition to loving the product I have to give Kenzo kudos for their packaging design. This white opaque and pink container is modern in very visually appealing.

For more information on this product or other Kenzoki products, visit their site at

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Benefit 5-Minute Face Makeover

On May 29th I was lucky enough to be invited to Sephora at Eaton Centre for a 5-Minute Face makeover. The makeovers taking place were part of a larger event...Camindy was in the store doing a book signing! (that story will come later)

Cecilia was the artist that worked on my face. She was fun and charming and made me look fabulous in no time at all!

First Some Kind-a Gorgeous was used all over my face to give me an even complexion. I have this product and it really makes your skin feel so silky and is great for a slightly uneven skin tone.

Next Cecilia worked on my eyes to brighten them up and remove any signs of under eye shadow. Eye bright was dotted and blended on the outer and inner portion of each eye and then Ooh La Lift was gently patted under my eyes. I could definitely see an improvement. The Ooh La Lift felt nice and cool and Cecilia suggested putting it in the fridge before using for an extra soothing effect.

Benefit's fantastic Creaseless Cream shadow in Flatter Me was used to shade my lid and as a liner, then Alabaster pink from the Big Beautiful Eyes kit was used as a highlighter and Cocoa shimmer from the same kit was used to contour.

I was already wearing BADgal mascara so that stayed put!

The famous High Beam was smoothed onto my cheekbones for that immediate radiant glow. Dandelion was lightly applied to my cheeks to give me a natural rosy glow and then a little applied to my chin and forehead - very subtle and natural.

To finish off my look Her Glossiness in Who Are You Wearing? was applied to my lips for the perfect pout.

A huge thank you to Cecilia for making me look so lovely. I walked around the mall with my head up high!

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Privet Bloom

I have to admit I am a perfume snob and I will only wear Chanel. This may change though...I received a sample of Hampton Sun's signature fragrance Privet Bloom and truly love it!

"With our first foray into the fragrance arena, we wanted to develop a unique product that spoke to our core inspiration - the beautiful beaches of Eastern Long Island," said Salvatore Piazzolla, President and Co-Owner of S&G Hampton Sun. "In Privet Bloom we were able to capture the essence and energy of the Hamptions."

The name for this new fragrance came from the 'privet' hedges that are synonymous with the Hamptons. Privet Bloom is the perfect fragrance for summer with its soft, clean floral scent. Featuring top notes of lemon verbena and bergamot and includes the aroma of delicate muguet, jasmine, linden blossom, gardenia, orangeflower and dune rose.

Privet Bloom can be ordered online or found at several beauty boutiques all over the US. For a list of stores click here.

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