Friday, August 17, 2007

Long Live Lipstick!

Poppy King has always worn red lipstick - it's her signature. She was so obsessed with lipstick that she started her own brand at the age of 18.

Poppy States "Every woman can wear red lipstick! It is a myth that only some can. It depends on your comfort level and if you aren't comfortable with a strong red then try a sheer."

Now many years later, Poppy is still obsessed and has a new brand called Lipstick Queen. From pink nude to deep blackberry, you choose - but there is one more thing...Are you a Saint or a Sinner?

Excuse me? Each lipstick goes in two formulas - the sheer lipsticks are the SAINTS and the opaque are the SINNERS.

Today I am a Saint. I am wearing as I write this article Coral and loving it. It went on smoothly and felt creamy. It's been on for several hours and is still looking luscious. Perhaps tonight I will be a Sinner!

Lipstick Queen's top three shades are: L to R - Red, Natural and Rouge

Calling all Canadian lipstick addicts...September sees the launch of Lipstick Queen in Canada. This full-bodied line will be available nationally at Holt Renfrew. I am very excited and will be there frequently to shop.

Available at Barneys, Space.NK and Rouge Luxe Apothecary
$18USD/ $23CAD

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sweet Inspired Wedding Favours

You're planning your wedding and are at that point of choosing a little gift for each of your special guests.

Chocolates - too common
Frames - ok but a little boring
CDs - maybe

What about something they will actually use and enjoy? Well, Open Sundaes will create a customized reception favour for you, that is sure to be memorable.

They will match the colour theme of your wedding and infuse the chosen favour with the couple's favourite scent. The favour is then beautifully gift wrapped and a customized name tag is attached.

Choose from handmade Cupcake Bubble Bath Bombs, Soak and Melt Bath Desserts, Bon Bon Bath Melts and Candles - all are safe for kids and appeal to all ages.

Sounds like a delicious, fat free treat to me!

For more information and to order:

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Is M·A·C's New 3D An Illusion?

If you love lipgloss and especially if you love M·A·C lipglass, you are going to absolutely LOVE the recently released 3D Glass. 12 limited edition glosses that shimmer and shine with a multi-reflective finish. Your lips seem to be in 3D.

As with all M·A·C glosses, 3D glass is non-sticky, moisturizing and will stay put for hours. I have added several of the colours to my makeup bag and my favourites are: In 3D, Racy and Boundless. I can wear them alone or over my favourite lipstick to add a little pizazz.

Algorithm: Sheer dusty rose with light pink pearl (Frost)
Apex: Sheer orange with green pearl (Frost)
Backlit: Soft white gold with yellow and white pearl (Frost)
Boundless: Intense pinky red with soft blue pearl (Frost)
Energy: Sheer baby pink with white and pink pearl (Frost)
In 3D: Sheer peachy pink with blue pearl (Frost)
Lightswitch: Sheer metallic pink with white pearl (Frost)
Optical: Warm caramel brown with pink pearl (Frost)
Racy: Sheer cherry red with pink and red pearl (Frost)
Synched Up: Creamy tan with pink and white pearl (Frost)
Touchpoint: Sheer blue mid-tone pink with blue pearl (Frost)
Wondershine: Warm tangerine with gold and red pearl (Frost)

This new collection also has 9 sheer lipglass pencils to compliment your gloss.

Red Stroke: Sheer cherry red (Satin)
Pink Edge: Sheer soft mid-tone pink with white pearl (Satin)
Fuchsia Lining: Sheer pink berry (Satin)
Brickmate: Rich bronze brown with gold pearl (Frost)
Part Nude: Sheer dirty plum-brown (Satin)
Neutralzone: Warm caramel with gold pearl (Frost)
Coral Craze: Sheer mid-tone orange (Satin)
Plum Mate: Sheer plum (Satin)
Rosebound: Sheer soft neutral pink with gold pearl (Frost)

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

DaLish. Grab It And Go!

You are going away for the weekend and you need to pack a small bag. Makeup is important to you but you cannot take every piece you own. Hmm... what to do?

I have the answer for you! I recently was introduced to DaLish - 7 pieces that are finger and q-tip friendly, packaged in the cutest container for grab and go ease.

Developed by creator Melanie-Rose Cruickshank, this beautiful kit contains three blendable concealers/foundations, cream blush, two lip glosses, two eye shadows, a highlighter, mascara and eyeliner. Each item is made with the finest ingredients that are perfect for even the most sensitive skins.

I have been using the DaLish kit and find that all the colours are very complimentary to my skin tone - and is for all skin tones. I had fun playing with the foundations and working our how many drops would make up my perfect colour. Now I can prepare my base in about 5 droplets!

I think this kit is so clever and I have never seen one like it before. I am sure it will do very well. The only request I have is - perhaps Melanie-Rose could offer a brown mascara with brown pencil (that can be used for liner or brows) duo. I'd love that.

$70 CAD
Kit items can be purchase separately.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Reader Review: Herbal Essences 2 in 1

Herbal Essences have this month launched 2 in 1s to its volume, colour and straight hair care collections.

Colour Me Happy: Made with a gentle formula to help provide colour protection against damage, dryness and dullness.
Body Envy: Infused with body-building formulas for luscious volume and movement.
Dangerously Straight: Which helps achieve straight smooth, radiant locks, even in high humidity conditions.

I am always sharing with you what I think about products. I thought it was about time that I find out what YOU thought about a product. I recently asked if there were any readers that would like to test a new shampoo - but did not tell them what the brand or the name of the product. Three readers were shipped the new Herbal Essences 2 in 1, in their hair type, to test and provide us with their honest opinions.

They were asked to use the following scale: Poor, Satisfactory, Good, Very Good, or Excellent. Here is what the readers thought:

Hoan from Vancouver tested the new 2 in 1 Colour Me Happy
Look of packaging: Good
Smell of the product: Good
Feel of product: Good
How clean was hair after washing: Good
How conditioned did hair feel after washing: Satisfactory
Price of $2.99: Excellent
Overall thoughts on Herbal Essences:
A great affordable 2 in 1 hair cleanser. For when I'm late and don't have time to use a separate conditioner thats wastes another 3-5 minutes, I just rub a hair serum over which takes 10 seconds and gives silky hair which the Herbal Essences can not deliver on its own. I did wish the smell was a bit stronger. It is a lovely scent that someone mentioned I smelled like the beach - only when close enough to notice it.
Would you buy it? Yes

Andrea from Vancouver tested the new 2 in 1 Body Envy
Look of packaging: Very good
Smell of the product: Excellent
Feel of product: Very good
How clean was hair after washing: Very good
How conditioned did hair feel after washing: Good
Price of $2.99: Excellent
Overall thoughts on Herbal Essences:
I've tried Herbal Essences in the past (the original shampoo and conditioner), and I found that their products made my hair quite greasy. Using their shampoo, I would have to wash my hair daily. I have fine, long hair, so I can't use anything that makes my hair frequently oily. I was a little apprehensive when I first opened my package to see an Herbal Essences shampoo sitting inside; I didn't want to go through with washing my hair every single day again and having the feeling that my hair is perpetually oily. However, one sniff of the shampoo lured me into trying it that very night. The scent is a light, melon-y scent that is quite fresh. It's the perfect shampoo scent for summer. The effect of the shampoo pleasantly surprised me because it didn't leave my hair feeling greasy at all; it left my hair with a nice, clean finish, and my hair was soft and smelled delicious. On certain days, I can go for more moisture, but overall, this shampoo is fantastic.
Would you buy it? Absolutely

Anna from Edmonton tested the new 2 in 1 Dangerously Straight
Look of packaging: Excellent
Smell of the product: Excellent
Feel of product: Excellent
How clean was hair after washing: Good
How conditioned did hair feel after washing: Satisfactory
Price of $2.99: Very good
Overall thoughts on Herbal Essences:
I've used Herbal Essences before, and I love their products. They have great smelling products that are well set to the right consumer. I have their product for volumizing and color treated hair. I find them to be just as good as salon products. I get great volume with their volumizing shampoo and conditioner. And I get super soft hair with the color treated shampoo and conditioner.
Would you buy it? I wouldn't buy the 2 in 1 shampoo by Herbal Essences. It just doesn't cut it for my hair type. But I definitely would continue buying their other products.

Well there you have it. Thanks to Hoan, Andrea and Anna for trying the Herbal Essences 2 in 1s. Have you tried them? What do you think?

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Mystery Game

Lancôme's Fall Collection has just arrived at cosmetic counters and it has definitely been worth the wait! Inspired by movies like the Murder on the Orient Express and The Cotton Club, this deep and mysterious beauty collection is sure to cast a spell over all that use it.

"I had the idea of creating a collection that would pay tribute to the type of woman who is totally at easy with her femininity, a beauty-lover who spends time on her make-up, turning it into an almost mystical ritual..." says Gucci Westman Neville, International Make-up Artistic Director at Lancôme.

Key pieces in this collection are:
The Destiny Cube - a 17 faced cube, stamped with metallic symbols/key-words to foretell the future and contains beautiful duets of colour for eyes and lips.
The Baume Baiser - an addictive hydrating lip balm that has been in development for seven years and is favoured by delicious coconut.

Destiny Cube - Deep Fascination, Charisma

Baume Baiser - Rose Marshmellow
Color Fever Gloss - Beige Alice, Rose Miss Lemon
Color Fever Lipstick - Prune Drama Girl, Wicked Brown

Color Ideal
Blush Subtil - Aplum, Cedar Rose

Hypnôse - Limited Edition Deep Black
Définicils Pro - Deep Black
Color Design Eyes - Fashion Show, The New Black
Khôl Oriental Duo - Black/Or, Brown/Or

For more information on this highly desirable collection, visit or

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