Friday, September 28, 2007

Why Does Courtney Love Kinerase?

Have you seen advertising recently for this brand? It's the one with Courtney Cox as the spokesperson. Well it caught my eye because of Cox and I thought if it's good for her, it might be good for me...

Kinerase, pronounced kin (like kind), plus erase, is a brand that was developed by Valeant Pharmaceuticals, a company with 20+ years of experience in dermatology. Kinerase cream was launched in 2002 and is one of the leading dermatologist recommended moisturizers in the US, Canada and Europe. Kinerase now has a large family of products that provide a gentle, effective skincare regimen.

Made with the key ingredient kinetin, this plant-based extract helps visibly improve the appearance of aging and sun-damaged skin. The blue anemone, which is the flower displayed on the packaging, contains kinetin and scientists synthesize this moisture-boosting ingredient for use in all Kinerase products.

"Kinerase is a simple and effective skin care regimen that keeps my skin looking healthy and youthful," states Cox. "Like every woman trying to juggle family and career, I no longer have the time or patience for time-consuming beauty routines."

What are the products that Courtney Cox depends on daily?

C6 Peptide Intensive Treatment
The key ingredients of C6 Peptide Intensive Treatment work together to promote more youthful looking skin. The result is a healthier looking complexion with visibly tighter skin and fewer signs of sun damage.

Intensive Eye Cream
This eye cream is a deeply hydrating, intensive treatment that improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This velvet rich cream smoothes and moisturizes, leaving the eye area perfectly prepped for flawless makeup application.

Lip Treatment
visibly smoothes and plumps lips while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This innovative formula is an ideal complement to injectable fillers.

Lotion with SPF 30
Protects your skin from the #1 cause of skin damage. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends this product as an effective UV Sunscreen.

Hydrating Antioxidant Mist
tones and exhilarates the skin, replenishing it with important nutrients every day.

Stayed tuned to Lipstick, Powder 'n Paint as one of our readers will provide their honest review of Kinerase Day and Night Moisturizers and the Pro + Therapy C6 Peptide.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Stephanie Johnson

You must check out this site! Stephanie Johnson designs the cutest and practical cosmetic carryall’s and stylish totes. A self proclaimed 'order-obsessed modernist and traveling anthropologista', Johnson began her travel accessory company in 2000.

MARISSA Dual Handle Briefcase

Tall enough to accommodate most shampoo, lotion and hairspray bottles, this ultra-convenient briefcase displays all of your precious cargo inside two clear interior zipper pockets. Top handles make it a cinch to transport

K Cosmetic Briefcase

Two spacious, clear pockets accommodate full size bottles and include two snap-out pouches and a mirror. Hang on a door for traveling vanity case and instantaneous access to beauty.

HILLY Shoulder Tote
Perfect for tall bottles, baby essentials or a hair dryer. Plastic lined with individual compartments and a separate clear pouch.

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Lashes Have Reached a Whole New Level

This fall, M.A.C is re-launching their M.A.C Lashes. Acclaimed celebrity lash designer Christina Smith who has designed custom lashes for Hollywood leading ladies including Liza Minnelli, Kate Hudson, Hayden Panettiere and Gisele Bundchen, has created 11 exclusive M.A.C Lash styles with original, new features and streamlined packaging.

Color – M.A.C Lashes have a unique blend of black and brown natural hairs, so they blend more naturally with your own lashes. Great for even the fairest of lashes.
Clear Band – M.A.C Lashes feature a ground-breaking thin, clear band for easy application and flexibility. Lashes can move, bend and blend.

Shorter Width – Say goodbye to trimming false lashes to fit. M.A.C’s newly designed Lashes have a shorter width, so they fit comfortably to the length of your natural lash line.

Intentional Imperfection – No two lashes are the same or perfectly symmetrical. M.A.C created intentional imperfections in each lash design to create a more natural effect.

#30: Individual lashes. Three lengths available in one package for the ultimate customization.

#31: Natural style length with a wispy texture. Perfect for those who want fullness every day.

#32: Natural style length that includes a combination of lash bundles and individual hairs
for a natural fullness.

#33: Natural style length. Separate lash bundles give a flirty fringe.

#34: Slightly more dramatic length. Wispy texture with winged corners.

#35: Slightly more dramatic in length. Separate lash bundles for fullness above the iris, which
creates a wide-eyed look.

#36: A full lash favorite that creates a naturally dramatic look.

#37: Most dramatic length. Theses Lashes are the biggest, fullest and longest.

#38: Natural style length with a wispy texture. This half lash adds subtle fullness to the outer corner of the eye.

#39: For the lower lash line. Natural style length with a wispy texture. Perfect for those
Of us who want extra fullness for lower lashes.

#40: For the lower lash line. Natural style length. Combines lash bundles and individual hairs.

Christina Smith walks us through the steps for applying false lashes
Step One: Hold a mirror below your chin, look down into the mirror, so that your eyelid is fully extended.
Step Two: Apply a thin amount of Eyelash Adhesive evenly to the lash band.
Step Three: Let the adhesive dry for about 30 seconds, until it becomes sticky, and not wet.
Step Four: Affix lash on top of your own lash line. Use an orange stick to push the lash securely onto your last line. Let dry for a few seconds.
Note: I recommend curling and applying mascara to your own lash before applying the false lashes.

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Plush Lash

Plush Lash Mascara instantly plumps up lashes for over-the-top voluptuous volume. This latest gem from M.A.C contains a unique formula that provides a super even and smooth application. The specially designed wand has a double “V” groove design that delivers a silky, flexible, full fan of lashes without smearing, smudging or clumping. Curling, seperating, defining, plumping...this mascara does it all!

Plush Lash is available in two colours:
Plushblack (Deep black)
Brunette (Chocolate brown)

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Smashbox Decadence Fall 2007 Colour Collection

Inspired by the steely hues of late nights in the city, the Smashbox 2007 collection contains ultra-luxe beauty products to indulge your inner glamour girl.

Eye Shadow Trios
Three colour-rich, blendable, complementary shades to contour, highlight and define the eyes.

Available in Opulence (shimmery cream, chocolate brown and copper) and Indulgence (shimmery champagne, graphite and slate).

Blush in Ecstasy
Triple-sifted powder blush that comes in a glamorous gunmetal pot.

Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner in Lust
A black metallic waterproof gel liner that glides on ultra-smooth and lasts until you take it off.

Photo Finish Lip Luxe in Socialite with Flip Top Cap Gloss
A double-duty product features a super-nourishing, sandwash pink-hued Photo Finish Lipstick with Sila-Silk Technology as well as a pot of shimmery nude Lip Gloss under a mirrored flip top cap.

Lip Enhancing Gloss in Vixen
Drench your lips in luminous colour and shine with this sheer berry gloss that keeps lips soft, smooth and naturally plumped from the first kiss of the night to the last.


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All About The Boys: Clinique Skincare

Today, as part of the Lipstick, Powder 'n Paint men's week-long feature, I am focusing on skincare and specifically one brand. Clinique developed Skin Supplies for Men in 1976 and it is now one of the top skincare lines for men.

I decided to go straight to Clinque and ask Sara Whittaker, Regional Education Director, to share her knowledge with me.

LPnP: Why should men look after their skin?
SW: Most men do not enjoy shaving (and view it as a necessary evil!) a simple skin care routine can help a man to achieve a closer, longer lasting shave while staying younger looking longer!

LPnP: How can 'he' pick the correct products for his skin?
SW:At Clinique we offer a custom-fit approach by skin typing with the Clinique computer. This tells the skin strength and the skin condition which identifies his Skin Type and the best products for him to use.

LPnP: What are three tips you can provide for a man who is interested in looking after his skin.
SW: Invest in a simple skin care routine design to cleanse, get rid of surface debris that can cause razor drag and hydrate the skin.

Second, if you are a blade user use a shave product that allows the razor to glide on the skin – aerosol spray products can leave “air” pockets on the skin which can cause razor drag – and change your razor blades often!

Finally wear sunscreen – the sun can thicken the skin again causing razor drag (nicks etc) as well as ages the skin – try a moisturizer with sun screen like Clinique Skin Supplies for Men M-Protect.

Thank you Sara for sharing your tips with the Lipstick, Powder 'n Paint readers.

Clinique Skin Supplies for Men offer over 20 different skincare, grooming, shaving and fragrance items for men.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Napoleon Perdis at the Emmys

Napoleon Perdis was the official makeup sponsor for the Primetime Emmys. Perdis and his team of makeup artists worked hard to provide complexion perfection for presenters before they went on stage and in the press tent for winners after they won their awards. Everyone from Al Gore to Helen Mirren to the cast of The Sopranos to Alec Bladwin, Tina Fey, Ali Larter, Jane Krakowski, America Ferrera, Jaime-Lynn Sigler, Felicity Huffman, Tony Bennett and Debra Messing all enjoyed the Napoleon Perdis touch.

Napoleon Perdis, who describes this experience as a “dream come true” commented that many of the stars wore either a nude or vibrant red lipstick and “strong lashes, fake lashes.” They also opted for nail polish that matched their lipstick and soft matte skin to help “work that golden Hollywood angle.”

Here are a couple of items used to keep celebs looking fresh and fabulous:

Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish Powder Foundation

Napoleon Perdis Concealer Medium

Napoleon Perdis Gloss Patrol

Napoleon Perdis Blush Patrol

Napoleon Perdis DeVine Goddess Lipstick

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