Saturday, November 10, 2007

10 Business Tips from Eve Pearl

Eve Pearl was the first keynote speaker at the Canadian Makeup Show and spoke on being a business person and not just a makeup artist. Here are her 10 tips:

To do well in the industry you need to be a business person, a great artist, relate with people and take be willing to take yourself to the next level.

Take every opportunity that comes your way. Sometimes you may wish to offer your services for free just to get your name out there.

When you take a new assignment, go with the flow. Don't go in and start making changes. Prove yourself and then start being a little more creative and making changes.

Be calm on set and stay out of the set politics.

You do not need a huge makeup kit. Your kit should only include pieces that you can use on each person. Pearl has one eyeshadow palette with only 6 eyeshadow colours. Those 6 colours can be used on all skin tones.

Be your client's cosmetic supplier. Bring along extra product as most people will want to buy it once they see it on themselves. You can make some extra money that way.
Perfect your techniques. You are only as good as your talent.
Provide everyone the best service so that they remember you. If they enjoyed working with you they will hire you again and or refer you.
Learn to negotiate your fees. Be willing to work within a client's budget.
Always have someone you trust cover your regular job when you take a new assignment. Never leave the client in the lurch.

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MAC at the Canadian Makeup Show

When I wandered over to the MAC Cosmetics booth, the Pro Artists were busy at work painting this guy silver.

Eden Bluestein, Senior MAC Pro Artist, gave me the lowdown on how this look was achieved. Silver pigment was mixed with Alcohol based Mixing Medium and then painted directly onto the skin. Using the alcohol based product rather than water based ensures the look is long lasting and won't smudge or transfer onto clothes.

Bluestein informed me that you would not want to use the Alcohol based Mixing Medium on a face, so instead the skin is moisturized and then pigment is brushed on. A latex covered hand, pats and smoothes the pigment for a finished look.

Jane McKay
and Melissa Gibson from MAC spoke on and demonstrated the Spring 2008 Runway Trends. The name they gave the overall Spring look was Modern Makeup.

Faces are sculpted and makeup is dimensional.
Skin is sheer or on the other extreme paired down and alibaster.
Lips can be nude or standout using the seasons hottest colour - bright orange. No lip liner or perfect definition but rather faded out at the edges.
Eyes see a renewal of the greys: Dusty, Slated, Pewter. There were also the metals: bronze, silver and gold. Eyeshadow is pulled out horizontally to the side of the face.

Jane ended by stating that Spring 2008 was more about 'a feeling or mood' rather than a look from the past.

Sculpted skin

The horizontal eye with grey shades and the flush metal look

The bright orange lip


Canadian Makeup Show

When I arrived at around 10:15am this morning at Kool Haus, the place was buzzing with attendees, exhibitors and tradeshow staff. There was a long lineup of people waiting to pick up pre-ordered tickets - over 1,000 were ordered over the internet. That is amazing for a first time show. That number doesn't even take into account all those people purchasing tickets at the doors.

Lipstick, Powder 'n Paint is the official beauty blog of the show and I am on site the next two days to type away on my laptop about the fun things I see. Enjoy...

Joy David
, Makeup Artist and Makeup-Junkie in Canada beauty blogger was thrilled that finally there was a makeup show in Canada.

Why is she attending? She feels that a show like this is the ultimate place to make new connections. Some of the top professional makeup lines are exhibiting at the show and she wants to check them out and meet the people behind them.

Who is she going to be searching out? The Powder Group, "The #1 resource for makeup artists" says David, also FACE atelier "They have the most amazing foundation", and of course MAC.

Who else did I see...

Sharon Gault will be speaking tomorrow but today she was showing the attendees how to create a red carpet look using Holiday colours.

Michele Duivenvoorden is the President of Beautycrew, your one stop beauty resource for makeup artist training, bridal beauty services, and teen pampering parties.

The doors opened in March 2007 in Vaughan, Ontario and since then business has been great, with a combination of the public and professional makeup artists walking through her doors.

Duivenvoorden was extremely busy chatting to attendees but I managed to pull her aside for a second to take her photo.

Attendees were having their faces and bodies painted everywhere I turned. Some were having Fantasy looks, some Glamour and some just plain strange looks. Here are two gals I stopped that I felt stood out:

Ada Arnautobic

Krista Irwin

More later...


Friday, November 09, 2007

A Little Olay For The Holidays

There are many things that I love about the Holidays: eggnog lattes from Starbucks (aren't they good?!) gingerbread men, and dressing my poor Pugs up as Santa's little helpers. But there is one more thing - beauty gift set. I get excited when I visit department stores and see their gorgeous perfume gift sets and I have to leave my credit card at home when I visit the drugstore, due to the incredible skincare sets they carry.

Well here is a beauty gift set that I think you'll like...

The Olay Holiday Gift Set features a selection of products to help us gals feel and look our best under the mistletoe. Includes: Foaming Face Wash, Refreshing Toner and Classic Moisturizing Lotion.

Santa, I've been a good girl, so please leave one under the tree for me.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ease Your Winter Skin Worries

Let’s face it, winter weather is especially hard on a woman's skin. It has started to get really cold in Toronto and the other day the wind was so bad down town that I thought I'd be blown over! This season, when the winter winds start to blow try a soothing hydrating mask to seal in moisture and prevent your skin from cracking and drying out.

The N.V. Perricone Hydrating Mask increases hydration and nourishment, provides a firmer, more youthful appearance and minimizes the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

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Ask Ellen

Q: I was curious about Bourjois cosmetics and was wondering if you or anyof your readers have any opinions about the brand? I love the history of the company but I was hoping to hear someone's personal experience before I make the plunge and buy some! Megan

A: Thanks for the question Megan. I was first introduced to Bourjois when I was growing up in England. I was a teenager and was drawn to the colourful packaging. Since then I always have at least one Bourjois product in my makeup bag.

Ombre A Paupières is the name of their baked eyeshadow and it can be worn wet or dry. This was the first item I bought and it's still a top seller.

Their signature blush is fantastic and has been around since 1863. These pretty shades provide a wonderful healthy glow to skin. This was another item that I purchased for the first time when I was...young-er :)

I could go on. Bourjois has a large selection of products and if you are able to get to a Sephora, go and play with the product and see what you like.

Ok gals, I know many of you have tried Bourjois so let Megan know what YOU think!

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Turn your Lips into a Masterpiece

Do you love CSI? If you do you'll love DNA 11. They are the creators of custom portraits made from your DNA and fingerprints.

Now you may be asking, Well Ellen what has that got to do with beauty?! I'll tell you.

DNA 11 has just launched its new line of modern art pieces called KISS Portraits made with M·A·C’s VIVA GLAM lipstick.

So, how does it work? You visit to order and personalize the portrait by choosing the colors, from thousands of possible combinations, the style, size and frame.

You are then sent the lip-print collection kit featuring a M∙A∙C VIVA GLAM lipstick and plenty of KISS image sheets so the perfect image can be captured.

Once DNA 11 receives the lip print back from you, designers hand trace the image, customize color and size, print on high-quality canvas, varnish and frame according to the order.

The perfect piece of art is then shipped to you. How cool is that? What is also great is that a portion of sales will be donated to the M·A·C AIDS Fund.

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Bond No.9 Goes Green

Bond No. 9 has jumped on the "Green is good" bandwagon and is collecting and recycling your empty perfume bottles.

All Bond No. 9 and Saks Fifth Avenue stores are accepting empty fragrance containers so pop on by, and to thank you they will pop a little refillable pocket spray in your purse!

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