Wednesday, November 14, 2007

LA LA Land

Hello! I wanted to let you all know that I am in Los Angeles - well Bev Hills to be precise. I was invited to pop out for a taste of the LA Lifestyle and so immediately said yes.

I am afraid that I will not be posting for a couple of days, but will be back with some great stuff shortly - keep your eyes here...

See you soon!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Canadian Makeup Show: Tips from the Pros

Oscar winning makeup artist Ve Neill was the last keynote speaker for the show and she did an amazing job. A montage of movie clips Neill has worked on over the years was shown and it was fascintating to see who she has worked with.

As with all of the keynote speakers, Neill had some great tips for makeup artists:

Share information with your fellow makeup artists. The only way you will learn new things is by sharing with each other. You get back what you put out there.

Do not be friends with the actors. Be personable but professional. If you get too friendly then it can be difficult to sperate work and your private life.

Dress professionally and don't be sloppy. Your first impression will be judged by actors and directors.

Treat every person you work on really well. It doesn't matter if they are an Oscar winning actor, an extra or even someone that you are just practising on. Your reputation is critical and by being professional with everyone you will be referred for other jobs.

The makeup is never yours. You are the one that implement the Director's vision.

If an actor is being difficult about not wishing to wear make-up, a wig etc., then point them in the direction of the Director. It's not your job to make them wear it.

Buy the best equipment you can. High quality brushes will last longer and help you achieve the best looks.

Cleanliness at station is imperative. Never use your brushes on more than one person at a time. Use a palette rather than taking product directly from packaging to the skin. You do not want cross contamination.

Love what you do or don't so it!

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Canadian Makeup Show: Day 2

I arrived early this morning as I wanted to get a good seat for the Mindy Shear seminar. I have had the busiest day - I watched four seminars, interviewed Mindy Shear, interviewed Sharon Gault, interviewed a couple of exhibitors and now I am typing up my notes for you.

I think the best find at the show for me was a product called Nurturing Force. It is a facial blotting paper with aromatherapy. The handy purse size dispenser holds almost 30 feet of blotting paper in one roll - rip off the size you need. Geoffrey Sosnick, the President of Nurturing Force gave me a dispenser with fragrant lavender and it is lovely, Very calming.

Vasanti cosmetics had a steady stream of customers throughout the weekend. This 9 year old company is based in Toronto and offers cosmetics with a wide range of colours for diverse skin tones. Their latest product is the Eye and Cheek Putty. With a plasticine-like texture you can add a sheer wash of colour or layer for more intensity.

Photos from today:

One of the Canadian Makeup Show was Zipcar. This little mini had a makeover of its own. Doesn't it look cute?

MAC were once again being incredibly creative and painted this gal completely in a shimmery black concoction of Chromacake, glycerin and black pigment. I was told they mixed it in a blender! Please note that I added the gerbers to certain parts as it was a bit too sassy.

Students were busy working on their models for the competition.


Canadian Makeup Show: Tips from the Pros

Sharon Gault was the keynote speaker this morning and she lit up the venue with her huge smile and bubbly personality.

Here are the tips I took away from her seminar:

Do your research on your project. Know exactly what you are doing and when you meet with your director, bring ideas, look books and anything to explain how you will be executing the look.

Get excited about your work, "I feel like a kid" Gault says. You are the owner of your own destiny and what doesn't break you makes you stronger.

Confidence is essential. Find your inner strength, but if you can't then fake it.

Don't take things personally. Have a thick skin.

Be prepared for anything. You never know when the director is going to change their mind on a look or ask for something new.

Execution is very important so use anyone as a model and practice.

Never say no. No excuses. Just do it.

Keep up with the trends and educating yourself. Take a course, learn a new technique.

Mentor each other and help inspire the next generation of makeup artists.

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