Thursday, January 10, 2008

M·A·C Originals

Originals have a lust for life that can never be squelched! Some classics can’t be improved upon – from Carol Channing to Björk to Blondie, Bowie, and every glam rocker and tightrope walker in-between. This season M·A·C pays tribute to all the high flyers, in the shades, shadows and styles that have stayed with us for all these years, and some of the late-greats we discontinued all too soon. It’s a throwback to the future. Originals are now and forever.

Carla from Product Girl mentioned in her piece about Originals that Twig was her first lipstick purchase - same for me! I wore that everyday until it ran out. I have yet to try the new Twig Twig but have it on my to do list. Have you tried it?

I called my girlfriend Hillary in B.C. to see if Parrot was the eyeshadow she used to wear when I first met her. She wasn't entirely sure - but thought it might be. We then spent quite a long time going through the entire collection and chatting about each and every product. That was a fun 40 minutes!

Welcome to the Originals...

Rozz Revival: Watermelon reddish pink (lustre)
Chintz on Chintz: Sheer mid-tone yellow brown (lustre)
Utter Pervette: Soft pastel pink (lustre)
Back to Del Rio: Deep brown red (lustre)
Nouveau-Frou: Beigey grey pink with white pearl (lustre)
Retrofluid: Sheer dirty deep plum with gold and red pearl
Supersequin: Plummy pink with silver pearl (lustre)
Twig-Twig: Neutral brown plum (lustre)
Sandy B: Light shell pink
Russian Red: Intense bluish-red


Full on Lust: Neutral brown pink (cream)
Avarice: Mid-tone yellow red with soft red pearl (cream)
Real Desire: Deep plum with red plum
Nico Now: Mid-tone grey purple with multicoloured pearl (cream)
C-Thru: Soft peached-beige with shimmer (cream)


Daisychain: Soft yellow beige with soft white pearl (satin)
Ochre Style: Mid-tone yellow brown with gold (frost)
A Little Folie: Mid-tone red brown (matte)
Memorabilia: Dirty purple (matte)
Clue: Mid-tone dirty grey with silver (matte)
Alum: Mid-tone blue grey with soft blue pearl (frost)
Charred: Deep steelgrey with silver pearl (frost)
Frisco: Soft pastel pink (matte)
Parrot: Deep aqua blue with bright green and blue pearl (frost)

Kitschmas: Light airy shimmering pink/mauve pearl (frost)
Violet: Vivid bright violet-purple (frost)
Melon: Soft bright golden peach (frost)
Golden Olive: High frosted green gold (frost)
Steel Blue: Rich deep turquoise green-blue shone with small pearl particle (pearl)

Reflects Blackened Red: Sparkling burgundy
Reflects Very Pink: Sparkling fuchsia pink
Reflects Transparent Teal: Sparkling white with turquoise
Reflects Antique Gold: Sparkling taupe


Ebony: Soft black
Coffee: Muted brown
Indigo: Muted greenish-blue

in Black

What do think about the collection?

Note: Not all colours shown

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