Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Made For Me Naturals

Have you ever tried to find that perfect nude lipstick shade? I have and can never get it right - It's always either too beige, too pink or just blah. L'Oreal has solved this problem by developing the Colour Riche Made For Me Naturals collection - 7 nude shades that harmonize with every women's colouring.

Working with hair-colour-based makeup branding, the Made For Me Naturals are broken into four groups: Blondes, Light-Brown, Brunette, Chestnut-Brown.

Nude Pinks (Blondes)

Nude Mauves (Chestnut Brown Hair)

Nude Rose (Light-Brown Hair)

Nude Browns (Brunettes)

My friend Rowena and I were looking at the entire collection and were able to easily decipher which were the correct shades for us. I have light brown hair so I am Cashmere. Rowena is darker skinned so Organza and Sienna are for her.

I cannot tell you how pleased I am that my perfect nude lipstick hunt is over. Now onto the search for the perfect concealer!

Made For Me Naturals will be available February, 2008.

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Anonymous Cosine said...

OMG! I'm looking for THE CONCEALER as well!!! I've tried many brands including all the much hyped over ones like MAC (I have a total of 4 pots, 3 different tones) and Bobbi Brown (I had the concealer, corrector and the powder to set) but I still cant find the right one!~~~ My dark eye circles problem is pretty bad so the sheer ones like L'oreal True Match was just a waste of money (thank god its cheap) and I've tried many heavy duty concealers from Japanese brands (since they are kinda popular) like Covermark, a beauty line that is more concerned with getting the flawless envied complexion than all the colour stories. But I never found the right one... ARGHHH!!!
What will u be focusing on for ur search? Coverage? Or blendability?

5:48 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi why don't u try Prescriptives colorblend? They mixed up foundation for me and got the right color base as my skin just that it was a bit darker, which they can fix

1:19 p.m.  

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