Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Reader Review: While You Were Sleeping

I recently began using several of Kohl's beauty products and must say that I do enjoy them all, however the one I want to talk to you about now is While You Were Sleeping Overnight Moisture Cream. It can be found in the Grassroots section - which makes it an all organic product.

I have very dry skin and look for creams that will improve my skin and keep it from looking dry and flaky. You apply the cream at night before going to bed to allow your face 6 to 8 hours of repair while your body is at full rest and not experiencing any stress levels. The first night I used the cream I fell in love with the product. I have tried many creams and some I have enjoyed, others not so much. This is absolutely the best cream I have tried so far and must say I will not waiver from this one. The softness of my skin immediately after applying is incredible.

While You Were Sleeping Overnight Moisture Cream
This vitamin-rich overnight moisture therapy helps repair, firm and protect skin as it replenishes lost hydration while you sleep.

• hydrates skin with a blend of natural ingredients
• helps speed the skin's natural repair process
• helps to firm the skin by stimulating natural collagen production
• protects skin from environmental damage with Vitamins B5 & C
• calms and soothes skin with a blend of Siamese Bergamot & Madagascan Vanilla
• dermatologist tested
• ophthalmologist tested
• non-acnegenic

Skin Type
Best for normal to dry skin


Maureen Kobal
Lives in Colora, MD with husband, Tim, 16 year old son Christopher and 2 'wonderful' puppy dogs.

"I recently became disabled due to diabetes and an awful bone infection which long story short ended with my left leg being amputated below the knee. Previous to this last year and half I was in the mortgage industry as an Underwriter which I absolutely enjoyed.

I love to travel and I recently took up my true passion of writing.
I am working towards getting some children's series published as well as some fun fictional novels."
Thank you Maureen for sharing your thoughts on While You Were Sleeping Overnight Moisture Cream. Sounds like you have found your perfect cream.
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