Monday, February 11, 2008

Lancôme L.U.C.I

Lancôme's Spring 2008 Collection L.U.C.I (Luminescent Colorless Color Intelligence) is receiving a great deal of attention due to it's futuristic 'Photonic' technology - white, completely pigment-free makeup, which transforms into a veil of iridescent, shimmering colour depending on the angle and the light.

L.U.C.I colours are divided into two categories: rays of light with warm tones (Ray of Pink Light and Ray of Apricot Light) and cooler tones (Ray of Green Light and Ray of Purple Light). Colours will look pastel on a fair skin and appear deeper and more intense on a darker skin. The result is makeup that is in harmony with each wearer's skin tone.

L.U.C.I Eyes
A stunning eyeshadow duo encased in a futuristic seashell. The white L.U.C.I eyeshadows transform upon contact with the skin and become a transparent veil of colored lights, which diffuses in a myriad of tones: from apricot to pink, from purple to green.
Available in Ray of Green Light, Ray of Purple Light and Ray of Apricot Light

PHOTONIC – Illuminating Powder Brush Face
This glowing, translucent photonic loose powder can be used to sculpt the face or add a sheer veil of radiance.
Available in Ray of Apricot Light

COLOR FEVER SHINE - Sensual Vibrant Lipshine (Limited Edition)
Luminous, sheer colour with a texture that melts into lips.
Available in Pink Flora, Raspberry Ouvea and Fuschsia de Nova.

L.U.C.I COLOR FEVER SHINE - Sensual Color Veil Vibrant Lipshine
The L.U.C.I. Color Fever Shine stick transforms upon contact with the skin and becomes a transparent veil of colored lights, which diffuses in a myriad of tones.
Available in Ray of Pink Light

COLOR FEVER GLOSS - Sensual Vibrant Lipshine (Limited Edition)
An ultra-shiny and luxurious gloss that redefines the lip contours with its Plump Applicator for sensual, full curves and adjustable shine and coverage.
Available in Fuchsia Koh Kan

L.U.C.I COLOR FEVER GLOSS - Sensual Vibrant Lipshine
This gloss magnifies the lips with an iridescent white finish in transparency, thanks to the new L.U.C.I. technology.
Available in Ray of Purple Light



Color Ideal foundation was applied for a sheer base.

Apply Color Design Blush in Freeze Frame gently with your fingers over the apples of the cheeks, across the temples and the chin for dewy skin.

Use the luminescent side of Color Design Eye Pencil Duo in Sunlight Rose to highlight the inner corners of the eyes and lower lash line. Use the smooth, long-lasting brown side to define your eyes on the upper and lower lids.

Softly shade Color Design in Exhibition on the outer lid and under the eye using Dual End Shadow and Liner Brush #18.


Use the Dual End Shadow and Liner Brush #18 to apply Color Design in Off the Rack onto the brow, the inner crease and the center of the lid.

Color Design in Personal Style should be placed on the inner lid with Angle Shadow Brush #13.


Apply the bronze portion of L.U.C.I. Eyes Ray of Apricot Light into the outer crease using an angled shadow brush. Wrap bronze shadow under eye with a smudger brush. Add the white Photonic shadow over the bronze with a blending shadow brush.

Ombre Glacée Morning Pearl - Highlight center of the eye, cheekbones, brow bone, and nose with this sheer, pearly cream. Use a concealer brush to tap the product on your finger.

Place the rounded edge of the Courbe Virtuôse Mascara in Black brush facing outward when applying to grab the root of the lashes for a better curl; then hold the brush vertically with curve facing down to apply a second coat and help lift the inner and outer lashes.

Apply two coats of Color Fever Shine Photonic in Luminous for subtle color that appears when the light hits it.


Top off lipcolor with Color Fever Gloss Photonic in Sunray for superb shine and a shade altering effect.


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