Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Magazines That Blog

I love glossy magazines and subscribe to way too many! I do have to admit though, that I am thrilled to see that most of the major publications are blogging online too - this means that I can get my glossy fix on a daily basis and still enjoy my monthly subscription.

Here are my 7 favourites that I try to visit on a daily basis.

Allure Magazine - Daily Beauty Reporter
Written by former Allure staff writer Jessica Matlin, this beauty blog covers beauty products and beauty news.

Allure Magazine

Cookie Magazine - Daily Find
The Cookie Editors' dish on this favorite new, beautiful, clever, innovative products.

Cookie Magazine

Fashion Magazine - Fashion Lovelies
Assistant Fashion Editor, Jordan Porter turns on her FASHION radar, and hits the streets, soirees, and beyond, spotting the Toronto's most snap-worthy and loveliest ladies.

Fashion Magazine

Glamour Magazine - The Girls in The Beauty Department
Written by Columnist Andrea Pomerantz Lustig and Writer-Editors Petra Guglielmetti and Baze Mpinja.

Glamour Magazine

LouLou Magazine - LouLou Insider Access
LOULOU’s Toronto editor, Afiya Francisco (who is real doll), gives the scoop on what’s hot in the T-dot — from stores to events to the latest It items. Dara Fleischer, LOULOU’s resident shopaholic muses on her latest fashion and beauty obsessions. I love Dara! She also writes for her own site Fashion Junkie.

LouLou Magazine

Lucky Magazine - The Beauty Department
Jean Godfrey June, Cristina Mueller, Cat Marnell and Dawn Spinner share hot looks, fab products and delicious secrets. This is a great beauty blog.

Lucky Magazine

Wish Magazine - Wish Preview
Find out about the newest products, ideas and trends as they cross the Wish team's desk. This blog features some fantastic products - definitely check it out.

Wish Magazine

Well those are my recommendations. Are there any that you love that I didn't mention?



Blogger shopinchic said...

I know I love magazines too. And I am definitly reading their blogs,websites. My fave beauty blog is Glamour.

6:06 p.m.  
Blogger Petite Fashionista said...

Great post, I love how you set it up.

12:16 p.m.  

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