Friday, February 08, 2008

Rimmel Underground Spring 2008 Collection

Rimmel Underground
asks us to Rock, Spark and Spin into spring. With bold colours and an edginess that Rimmel exudes, this collection offers up stylish looks for the season, at a cost you cannot beat.

U ROCK! Eye Shadow
A cream-based shadow that allows for smooth and easy application.

Black N Blue (400)
Go Green (500)
Pavement (800) shown
Post Punk (100)
Wicked Sweet (200)
Zest (700)

SPARK IT UP Gleaming Eye Darkener
Carbon black liners are accented with shimmering colour for added depth and dimension.

Ultra Violet (300)
Lapis (400) shown
Peridot (500)
Black Gold (600)
Tiger's Eye (610)

SPIN IT Lip Gloss
Multi layered glosses with incredible colours that can be worn individually or mixed.

Call Me (200)
Lip Service (400)
Mix It Up (700)
Spin Out (800)
Stir Crazy (600)
Vertigo (100) shown

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rimmel is easily my favorite drug store brand! Wonderful products with a great price!

9:15 a.m.  
Anonymous Bionic Beauty said...

ohhhh! I love the looks of those Rimmel cream eyeshadows! I heart cream shadows. :) sigh.

And the glosses are super cute.

Binoic Beauty

6:06 p.m.  

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