Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Biotherm Rides Repair

Over the past two weeks I have been using a new moisturizer, eye cream and exfoliant, and I am in LOVE. What am I using? Biotherm's Ride Repair products.

I had run out of my usual face cream and thought I'd like to try something new. My skin had been looking so dull, and I was noticing that my fine lines were not looking so fine anymore...and I am only 36! I had also been having a terrible time with breakouts on my jawline. These products stated that they rejuvenate the skin and work on those perky wrinkles - I thought why not give them a go.

I honestly cannot believe that my skin is looking and feeling so much better, in such a short time. I guess the moisturizer I was using was not making my skin happy at all. My skin now is noticeably brighter and feels so soft. Even those nasty crinkles under my eyes are softening. No I cannot claim that they have gone, but softening is good to me.

Both the Rides Repair Yeux and Rides Repair Jour smooth into the skin almost immediately and do not leave a shiny film. They smell clean and fresh and not overly perfumed. The same can be said for the Instant Polisher. Also my skin is healing nicely where my blemishes are and I don't seem to be breaking out as much.

The ingredients that really should be credited for their hard work are:

- Two forms of silicium - one that has an instant smoothing effect on wrinkles and is a mineral derived ingredient, and a fundamental element found in the earth's crust.

- The other with its intense regenerating power is an essential component of the dermal matrix. These two complementary forms reveal outstanding anti-wrinkle power.

- and Thermal Plankton (PETP) that works to keep skin looking young.

Rides Repair Instant Polisher

Micro-particles gently exfoliate skin cells and refine texture and the bio-peel stimulates cellular renewal to smooth the skin.

Rides Repair Day
Contains a combination of pure silicium with dermobiotic tehnology to reduce wrinkles and smooth skin.

Rides Repair Eye
Formulated with hydroxyproline, an amino-acid and the two forms of silicium, assist in reducing crow's feet and rejuvenating the delicate skin around the eye.

Here's to looking younger!

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